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04-30-2005, 10:50 AM
what do you think of someone who goies to a convention in a costume they designed. You know, not from a game or an Anime?

04-30-2005, 11:00 AM
Good on them! I am planning on doing that to Ayacon this year. It is great if you can design and make original costumes, they stand out from the crowd! Obviously it also great cosplaying as known characters, but originals should be embraced! (Especially if they are faeries with pretty wings!!! lol)

04-30-2005, 11:02 AM
lol-I think my friends and I may go as originals then!!!

04-30-2005, 11:03 AM
Yay! Good for you, do you know what yet?

04-30-2005, 11:09 AM
I have a couple of sketches, I'll try and post them later. One is all white and sort of Arabianish..I'd need to tighten my abbs for it though ^.^ lol

04-30-2005, 11:20 AM
Me and my friends are thinking of going to a convention together as the characters we designed for our comic series. (see my website) We're all really excited, but its the money that's problem. T_T We have to get wigs and ears which can be pricey..

04-30-2005, 11:31 AM
CosplayHopeful: pics would be great, sounds cool though.

Atasha: Wow, a whole comic series, that must have taken some time! Yeah, wigs are expensive, I don't bother that much usually! I find fabric (and boning for corsets) is the most expensive bit though. But then I tend to make long dresses or big puffy skirts. And I have expensive taste! :rolleyes:

04-30-2005, 01:00 PM
Hey Atasha-that's sort of like what my friend and I did. We made up the character/story line/etc too! lol-we made our characters look sort of like us though, which makes life a bit easier

04-30-2005, 01:19 PM
What do you think of someone who goes to a convention in a costume they designed? You know, not from a game or an Anime.
That's great!! :bigtu: Please post pics (if ya got ‘em)!!

There are even several people from the City of Heroes (http://www.cityofheroes.com) {a MMORPG (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MMORPG) PC game} game communities that dress up as their custom game avatars at comic-book conventions & such. And there are some members from Gaia Online (http://www.gaiaonline.com) that do the same, too. <- saw a couple of such cosplayers at the most recent cons I just attended in C. FL.

04-30-2005, 01:34 PM
I'm actually planning on cosplaying as one of my original manga characters for AX05. :)

04-30-2005, 01:52 PM
One of my friends went as an original character and a lot of people loved her costume.

04-30-2005, 05:27 PM
Hey Atasha-that's sort of like what my friend and I did. We made up the character/story line/etc too! lol-we made our characters look sort of like us though, which makes life a bit easier

Now that I think about it our story line is kind of like Di Gi Charat, random stories. We decided that we would all just wear our regular clothes, jeans t-shirt ect, and just do different colored hair and animal ears.

I was talking to my friends when I asked them if they wanted to go to a Convention. We were thinking of going as Di Gi Charat characters since I have Digiko's hat and one of my friends had Puchiko's hat. But then I said that costumes like Digiko and Puchiko get kinda expenive. I figured that their parents wouldn't want to spend too much on a costume so I was thinking of making the costumes for them but that might take too long and we might miss the con because of that. So I got a whole ton of pictures for them to decide which wigs and ears they would want. We're having trouble finding the right kind of ears but the con we're hoping to go to is in Oct.

05-01-2005, 11:49 AM
I never went to anime conventions as my characters, but I did cosplay as two of my boys to fantasy conventions.. a lot of people loved that my cosplay had a story I wrote myself.. I also love it because you can design the costume yourself ^_^One of my original characters was a boy who had been in love with another guy for 500 years, but was too shy to tell him, and when he finally did, the two got married.. and two weeks later, his husband died and he was alone again. I cosplayed as him in his mourning dress(yes, he wears dresses..)and it was so much fun to really get into the character and design a dress that would catch the essence of his sadness..cosplaying as orgininal characters is a lot of fun ^_^ I love wearing it even more than I like wearing other costumes, because it's easier to get in character..after all, I know the character the best..it's also a great study when you're drawing a manga.

strawberry neko
05-01-2005, 01:20 PM
well its not my original character. but im making an original verision on one character for fanime... does that count Xp?

Chibi Ice Wolf
05-01-2005, 01:38 PM
I've seen some really awesome original costume designs =D I've also seen really casual clothes called an "original costume" too... But hey whatever floats your boat and makes you happy. I've seen beautiful original designs for anime characters too! Especially Chii and Freya.

05-01-2005, 02:47 PM
I think it's great! I just got back from a con and I wore an original and I got many compliments and photos. It was fun and it's nice knowing that no one else has the same character as you.

05-01-2005, 07:17 PM
Wow, I thought I'd never see this kind of thread... Okay, I have been doing manga since I was in second grade, (professionally since fifth grade), and I have done a couple of original character cosplay based on my OCs, and they're usually easy and fun to do. I've finished two so far: Collar Sachiko and Jobgirl, both from my first and longest pro manga series Remember Jennifer. Come to think of it, Sachiko was my first cosplay.^^ (Next OC project: Kurokuso KoInu-chan!)
I've heard of ppl doing original versions of existing characters before... sounds interesting. I'd say GO FOR IT!!!!!^^

05-01-2005, 07:18 PM
I love seeing original designs. I think it's a mark of true craftsmanship talent to completely design something yourself....especially if it's something elaborate like a EGL dress or complicated to construct like angel/fairy wings. ^_^

05-01-2005, 11:19 PM
Our cosplay group at Mini-Con had a Sailor Blueberry Muffin. *i forget her username, but she does have pics up. ^_^*

05-02-2005, 04:23 AM
It's fun seeing original characters, or even characters with a twist!

Jaina Solo
05-02-2005, 09:36 AM
Sailor Blueberry muffin, lmao...

I have an original schoolgirl character I hope to eventually construct a costume for. Schoolgirl outfits are so fun!

05-02-2005, 11:04 AM
I think it is a good idea. Not everyone knows every character in every manga/ anime/ video game so they probably will think it's a character that they just don't know. I know I take pictures of people who I have no idea who they are cosplaying but I liked the outfit.

05-02-2005, 02:40 PM
What if it's an original character design from a manga/video game/anime? Would they give you beef about accuracy if you did something like that?

05-02-2005, 07:31 PM
I finalized my outfit and sketched it (at work) the other night!!! My sis and friend and I are going as our original 'asinjas' assassin+ninjas...personally, I think we are more assassins. We have unique weapons and everything. Mine are flaming dagger which will be VERY difficult to have working...luckily I am a pyro!! weehee!!!

05-02-2005, 11:33 PM
The majority of the stuff I do is original cosplay, and I got into wanting to learn more about the cosplay community because the original work I do for Universal and Starsouls was embraced so eagerly by various con goers interested in learning how it's done. I think it's really great to do.. it expands your creativity to not only create the costume, but design it as well... (as someone already mentioned here) and doing your own characters from a comic/manga you are working on is a great way to spread the word about your series. People come up and ask you "Which character is that?" and then you get to talk about it, then ask them a little bit about there costume, and it's an excellent way to break the ice, and get to know other cosplayers.

Though original cosplayers seem to be a rarity, every year I do the con run I see more and more of them starting to pop out of the woodwork. I think the future of cosplay might become much more expansive and theatrical as the cultures slowly blend more and more together with the help of the internet and the definition of the word "anime" becoming more broad as well. As artists from all over the world start to take advantage of the popularity of comics catered more towards expansive stories and characters, then to how comics used to be here in the states that had more focus on action, and limited the imaginations of them by there marketing to certain age groups/genres only.

05-03-2005, 07:48 AM
I love original cosplay, its so creative and says loads about you! I'm doing a pc to one of my fanfictions called Priestess Yuri as a back-up at AX in case my Schwarz costume gets to hot, and I'm also doing a variation kind of thing, its both female shin and fancied up Plant Pretear. ^^0 But I'm totally for lively wardrobe, even if its not an anime character.

05-04-2005, 11:23 AM
What if it's an original character design from a manga/video game/anime? Would they give you beef about accuracy if you did something like that?I'm not sure I get you. :lost: Do you mean creating a new character that's supposed to be based in a certain game or animé?? (Like, for example, you create a totally new char. based in the Final Fantasy X-2 realm & call her Suna, give her red hair, arm her w/ a rifle rather than a pistol, & dress her up in the fashion-style of Gunner Dress Sphere)
If so, I don't see a problem with that, though, I think some ppl will think you're cosplaying an existing FF X-2 girl but with radical differences to her appearance (so, most folk that see you at first will think you're just doing a sorta-spikey haired red-head version of "Yuna." Additionally, they might actually think initially, "Wait, that's not in the game! I don't recall that & I've beaten the game multiple times.").

If you were trying to create a new “outfit” design for an existing char., I don’t see a problem with that either. (Ex: you create a new Dress Sphere or whatever that‘s not in the game/animé at all.) Hmm, actually, I think the only problem that may arise will come when people take a glance at your, say, Yuna char. in a Dress Sphere of your own creation & think of it as being so-so (or worse) in accuracy because they may, at first, think you were ‘attempting’ to recreate an existing Dress Sphere when, in reality, it’s a totally new one. <-- If your new Dress Sphere design looks a little too similar to any one of the other existing ones, that’s when you’ll most likely get such ‘mistaken identity’ or whatever-to-call-it problems. However, don't be discouraged from doing such a thing. Once ppl start inquiring about your "unique" costume, you'll be able to educate them more about it.
“New outfit, same character!” :)