View Full Version : Air conditioner cosplay!! Ecoice~~~!!!

01-12-2003, 12:49 PM
Does anyone else out there love Ecoko, the former mascot of the Japanese airconditioners "Ecoice"?? XD

She has had some popularity in Japan in cosplays.. I want her to be more popular in America too ~o~ She was designed by Watanabe Yoshitomo, who also did the comic "Fun Fun Factory"...

Anyway, for more info on her, you can check out my ecoko site (http://ecoicepure.tripod.com)... But I don't mean this post as just a plug for my site...!! Anyone out there like Ecoko, or plan on cosplaying her? Its a pretty easy costume~

Also, are any Digicharat cosplayers going to Otakon next year who are willing to have a battle photo shoot? Like, Ecoko and Dejiko are fighting >:D