View Full Version : Mission Trance!!!

01-12-2003, 04:58 PM
I know I'm doing a *lot* of groups this year but :D It's fun! Anywhoo, have you ever read the online manga Mission Trance by Silver Dragon/Dina Situ? If so and you want to join my group for Katsucon 2003 IM me at Jun Hiiragi on AOL/AIM. It's a great Shounen Ai story. You can click this link to view it: http://www.morbid-prince.com/die.htm. The characters already taken are: Forcekill/Jun, Billie, and Kenny. We want a GOOD Sharpshot! So please if you want that position send us some of your past costumes. Their outfits are really simple and punk/gothic style so it won't be a load on your pay check. The day this will take place is late Saturday/All day Sunday.