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07-16-2002, 07:04 AM
Good Morning guys! (here is 9 o'clock now)

I was reading some messages from a brazilian forum when I saw a topics talking about fansub and I wanted to make a question:
In US, Canada, Europe or any place in the world ... How the fansubbers are seen by the anime lovers? And for the anime companies?
People here complain that some enterprises don't come here to invest in anime because of the fansubs. A logical thing, since the main source of anime here are the fansubbers.
What about you guys? What is the situation there?

See ya

07-16-2002, 10:29 AM
I don't know whether you're referring to VHS fansubs or digital fansubs ^_^; For VHS ones...there's a lot of honor code going on. The PURPOSE of fansubs is supposed to be, get the anime out there so that people watch it, love it, and the companies see that so-and-so series is popular so they bring it in officially (hmm, don't know how that's supposed to happen - do people just write letters to companies and ask for them to license specific series? ^_^; )
Then once the series is licenced, no REPUTABLE fansub distributor will carry that series.

Digital fansubs are a whole lot harder, though...I admit I've got a LOT of anime on my computer that yes, is licensed in the US...and how does that help the anime industry? I console myself by saying that if I weren't po', I'd go buy everything ^_^;

I'm certainly not an expert, but at least for me, if there weren't any fansubs I wouldn't get nearly as much anime, because I would have to wait to raise the money to buy/rent each tape or DVD before I could watch it...or get a friend to do so *L*
Bah, my high school anime club sucked...it was mostly guys who wanted to watch the anime equivalent of slasher flicks >_< We tried bringing in good stuff like Please Save My Earth but they made so many rude comments during the movie that Lauren gave up. At least when something was playing that the shoujo crowd didn't appreciate, we were polite enough to just leave if we didn't want to watch, instead of ruining it for everyone else.

*ponders* Mebbe this should go in the Anime forum *L* Anyway, to your question...fansubbers = good. Especially if they really do love anime and are not trying to get it out there cheaper and compete with the companies, but just get it out there because, well, everyone needs to share the love (like dragging non-cosplaying friends into cosplay with you XD)

But I wish the companies would not charge more for subtitled videotapes. Arrgh! That is so annoying >_< I wanna buy my friend Petshop of Horrors II for her birthday...and it's like $25 for the subtitled copy! *killkillkill*
(it's also rated NC-17, which seems silly to me...I do not trust BestBuy.com's ratings, since they stuck Level-C in the "family" genre, which is wrong, because it's animated gay porn. I want that one too XD)
*ceases ranting*

07-16-2002, 12:24 PM
Ali is so right - fansubbing for the fans helps get new non-licensed anime out while the companies still don't know about them. And like she said, no fansubber is supposed to keep carrying a licensed title. Sooo there should be no problem with the companies' investing plans in Brazil - maybe they have something *against* fansubbers?

Anyway, Ali! I feel your pain over overcharged subtitles! >_< Why should they charge more when the only difference is that their copies of anime are licensed and have "official" outer casing T-T

07-16-2002, 02:01 PM
Babbit - I know! Maybe it's an evil plot to pay the voice actors! See, it seems to me there are fewer people who like dubs (either because they appreciate the English voices, or hate trying to watch subtitles, or whatever), and so they don't make enough money on them to pay the actors. So they lower the dub VHS prices to try to move more of those, and then they raise the sub VHS prices and use the extra profit on subs to pay for the lost money on dubs XD

<-- is silly

I don't know why Brazilian fansubbers would be so disliked...but then, I am not an anime company, so I don't know about any sale problems the companies might have ^_^; Maybe the companies just DECIDE that since there are already fansubs, nobody will want to spend more money on an officially licensed tape? *thinks that kinda makes sense*

...I am babbling, and I should NOT, because I am going to the arcade to parapara and I want to brush up on some of my routines! *cough* Yah, I'm meeting someone I met online there, and I wanna try to impress her...showoff-Ali ;P

Ne, Legato, do YOU buy fansubs?

07-16-2002, 02:36 PM
Oo Ali's bad XD Maybe the money scheme is true? Anyway, if you mostly get anime from Brazilian fansubbers, do they keep subbing licensed anime or do you buy official tapes and DVDs?

07-17-2002, 05:43 PM
Babbit - No, they don't keep subbing if a anime is licensed by a brazillian company. If they don't sub I watch the dub version, but if it's a horrible dub, I buy an original tape or DVD.

Ali-kun - Yes, I buy some fansubs, but only to check if the anime is worthy to be seen. But I prefer the original ones. I have about 2 american DVD's (BGC tokyo 2040 and Tekken), 3 jap DVD's (Ah! Megami-sama movie, Perfect Blue and Akira) and 2 jap VHS' (Digimon Movie and Pokemon movie).

I asked this question to know how the scheme of fansubs works in the US and other countries.
Here we got some polemic about fansubs and it's causing a lot of headache. >_<