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05-13-2005, 07:47 PM
Not sure if anyone uses this forum when it's not near con time, but here's the info:

Okay, I am toying with a couple of ideas of where it should be... If you guys would preferr Como Park again, let me know.... but here's kinda some rough details...

What: "EGL Spring Picnic"

When: Saturday, May 28th (12pm to some time before 7pm...) 2005 (or possably Sunday, May 29th... if anyone preferrs this date, let me know)

Where: Northrop Mall, U of M Minneapolis East Bank Campus (There are some really awesome places to take pics on East Bank).

Who: Anyone who is into the EGL/EGA culture is welcome to attend. Once again, the invatation is also extended to everyone's dolls, because I know how much dolls love tea-parties and picnicks.

Why: This is to be a time to meet up with other people in the area who are interested in EGL/EGA, show off your dolls and dresses, ect. Dress up in your best frocks and come spend the day freaking out the locals... More events may be scheduled, but we won't know for sure until we know that people are actually going to come. We would like it to be a pot-luck, and use the LJ to sign up what to bring, however, if there is only going to be a few of us, it might be better to bring your own lunch in a picnick basket. ^_^ Think about it guys! A way to partake in EGL/EGA with others without it having to be at some anime event!

I can provide directions, ect. if people need them. Spread the word to all your friends! This could be a great event if we can get people to participate. ^_^

Please keep in mind that this is NOT set in stone yet, so the plans might change here or there.


Zell dincht
05-29-2005, 02:27 PM
wait i'm totaly confused bro, eh can you simplify that?