View Full Version : Colossal con Bastard!! group

01-13-2003, 09:09 PM
Yeah. I know. I'm friggin annoying and presistant about this. ^^; I'm gonna do a Bastard!! group for Colossal con 2003. Hopefully I can finish my extra part for my costume (a body suit, so I can rip off my costume and run around 'naked' XP)

So far all I have is..

Dark = Me
Arshes Nei = Rhi (hopefully, her dad said it's OK if she comes, now it's up to my friggin' parents -_-; )
Luche = Lanea (my friend from Ohayocon)

If you're annoyed of me posting this, then go ahead and tell me to shut the hell up ^.^' Erm.. ok.. contact me if you're interested!