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05-05-2002, 03:56 PM
Until we get our main rules section up on the main site, here's the part about the forums:

General Rules

1. No harassing of other members. This includes but is not limited to sending mass PM’s to strangers, confrontational posts with malicious intent, stalking other members, and anything that could be construed as harassment.
2. Spamming and all "commercial" advertising must be kept to the Spam Board. Please note that you are more than welcome to have a URL or banner leading to your site in your sig as long as you’re not posting over and over just to drive people somewhere else. URL’s that lead to affiliate programs are not allowed.
3. No posting anything illegal, or any links which lead to anything illegal. No porn, hentai, warez, etc.
4. No nudity or graphic violence in posts, attachments, avatars, etc.
5. No excessive swearing on the public forums. We do have some under-18 members. No vulgar innuendo or sexually explicit messages.
6. No “Post Hijacking”, defined as posting nonsense or off-topic babble on other people’s posts if the post started out as something on-topic.
7. No copyright infringement in posts and attachments.

If anyone is harassing you or you notice them breaking the rules, please send a PM to “admin” and it will be looked at.


1. Only one image per sig, not to be larger than 30K in size or about the size of a normal banner. We will have to delete any images in sigs which exceed this limit. Many surfers are on dialup connections and when a page is full of images the page takes forever to load.
2. You are more than welcome to advertise your own site in your sig as long as it doesn't go overboard and take over the posts. By this we mean don't put it in huge letters screaming "visit my site!" . . a simple text link or small banner will usually do.
3. Please use discretion and limit your sigs to about 6 lines or less. Rather than hardcode a limit into the script we'd rather just let everyone use their best judgement.