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Kirsta Nadaime
05-30-2005, 03:33 PM
A few friends and I have booked a junior suite at the Harbor Court for Friday and Saturday nights. There's a king size bed and we'll be bringing an extra inflatable or 2...we'll see how it fits. There might... well should... be a couch or 2 also since there's supposed to be a living room...you can check out the room details on Harbor Court's website There are 7 of us so far, co-ed, and we're looking for a few more roomies. We have some very protective parents of people in our group so I can't just accept just anyone who wants to join us, gotta get to know you a bit first (talkin on IM should be okay) But as in ourselves we're pretty accepting of having people around. Neway if that makes any sense at all....I think I lost my own thoughts there.... and you wanna stay or find out more, here's some details.

-Price is $130 for both nights, sorry no one night only
-age- 16-19 (most of us are 17 or 18)--we're relying on the Hotel's good grace to let us cram a room so BE MATURE
-Co-ed room, but the three of us girls are in charge of the room and looking to have more girls in the room, so be forewarned that girls are preferred

*There will be absolutely NO parties, loud music, etc.: again, we are cramming a room and need to be on the hotel's good side---btw we're not having maid or room service either, kinda hard to make them think all the luggage is for 4 people.

There is a Otakon room block in this hotel btw.

If you're interested (yah I realize I might have scared quite a few people off) you can IM me on AIM as AznClarinettist or email me at Kirsta_nadaime@hotmail.com for more info

07-25-2005, 03:32 PM
do you still have any room?