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07-18-2002, 12:43 AM
[COLOR=darkblue]ok i have a problem Im trying to make a prince mars(fire emblem) costume but the "minor" thing is i dont know what to do for the shirt patern(ya know for sewing)so if ne one can help please do.....yeah....ohhhh yeah what exactly can i use/make for the amor bc im stumped......and by the way if u havent noticed im new to this so hello everyone..the site with the pic is www.paintpixel.com/marth.jpg COLOR]

07-18-2002, 02:27 PM
um..you should be able to find a pattern that gets close to it. try like a dress shirt pattern if you can find one and then alterit abit, depending on the shape of the bottom and the colar. and just shorten the sleave, can even use the same ends planed, just move them up some. and that way it already has the cut down the middle and you use..frogs or something instead of the buttons and put then on underneath. that might work.
the armor..there might be other suggestions but the easy way would be to papermach and paint..sorry, i'm really not much help.

07-19-2002, 03:10 PM
If you really want to get ghetto on it-yes, I'm the Queen of Ghetto Cosplay Construction. Then you can just cut out some thin cardboard-like the kind you'd find used for clothing boxes-and spray paint it gold.

Or, if you want to get fancy, you can do fiber glass which is extremely complicated and some what hazardous to your health. You can also get thin sheet metal and, again, paint it the color you want-check out Method: Cosplay they have some stuff on armor.

As far as the sword goes, I have no clue-I haven't come up with any ideas for sword construction yet besides fiber glass or cardboard-thought everybody has an idea on how to make the perfect one.

The shirt you're refuring to is called a tunic-you'll probably find and exact pattern for it in the Renaissance costume section of a pattern catalogue. Then you'll only need knee high boots and some tight pants or tights-your preference ofcourse.

Then you may want to tint your hair blue or buy a cropped wig and cut it shorter.

I hope you can pull it off.