View Full Version : Once again, 4 New Clips Posted!

Maximum Maxwell
01-18-2003, 12:47 AM
Hi Everyone, just wanted to let everyone know that 4 all new clips have been posted on the AN2002 Event Feature site @ K-Max Media with new clips from SJAM's Performance and more.

- Sailor Jamboree Performance: Moonlight Densetsu.
- Sailor Jamboree Performance: Witches 5 Skit.
- Artist Alley Tour and interviews with artists.
- A Chat With... William Milberry, AMV Artist, Aluminum Studios. An Exclusive interview!


This brings the running total amount of clips to 17.
And the total minutes of coverage available to download is now at 90 Minutes.

As I said last week, Febuary 15th may very well be the last update I'm able to do on this Feature. I am going to slow down on stuff and concentrate more on school and video production.

I won't be planning coverage for a while unless something pops up. I would only be able to update as time permits.

I'd like to hear feedback and suggestions on this sort of coverage. It's quite unique in terms of content and form and it's been fun and a great experience doing media coverage of Anime North the past 2 years now.

I apologize for releasing this coverage very late (in November), but as you saw, it was worth the wait since I upgraded my hardware a bit.

Kaleem "Maximum" Maxwell