View Full Version : 1 or 2 more people needed for holiday inn room

06-17-2005, 04:15 AM
Edit: We have 7 people and 1 pending. please hold your room requests. I'll post here if any spots open up. thanks.

I have a room at the holiday Inn and to reduce costs I am looking for a few more people to fill the room. Please PM me or email me for more info or if interested in a spot.

before emailing me or dropping me a pm please read the following -


~the room is for thursday through saturday and we are looking for someone to stay for all nights. costs are dependant upon the number of people we end up with. prices are under $100 for all nights.

~We already have 6 people in the room (aiming for 8 people total) so if you are considering this please be aware that it will be cramped and you will be more than likely sleeping on the floor or a chair.

~the cost for the room must be payed to me IN CASH once you arrive on thursday or through paypal before the convention.

~ please be responsible. we are filling this room with more people than it was intended to room. it will be primarily for sleeping/showering so be respectful to everyone in the room and the surrounding area. That means being quiet, no partying, and no drinking or smoking.

~the holiday inn can be found on the otakon map here (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v291/goldenazriel/location_map.jpg). It is marked # 1 and is very close to the convention center