View Full Version : Looking to Share a Room w/ 2 girls at AWA

06-30-2005, 12:48 PM
I am looking to share a room with someone who would like to go to the Anime convention in atlanta ( AWA) that does not have a credit card and cannot reserve a room or is in need of saving money.

I prefer a Female that does not smoke and is willing to spend only %25 of the room cost which is about $55. I may take in 2 girls to share the room as well at the same cost. I am unsure yet of Whether I can go or not but I would like to have 2 takers to share the room. Food will also be provided as well if needed. This will include all meals if needed. I will know if I can go if I can find two people.

My prefrences are that both be 18 years and older, non-smoker , Mature adults with manners. ( No offence but I do not wish to share a room with someone who uses Vulgar words in Every sentence) Every now and then is ok.

Bedding will also be provided if needed. I also have a Aero bed that someone can use if I cannot get a Roll away cot.

Also must send the payment for the room at least 3-4 weeks before the convention.

Also if you live between Jackson GA and Atlanta GA, please let me know.I may be able to arrange transportation.

If anyone is Interested you may Either Email me at AnnTetsusaiga@aol.com or Private message me or Reply to this post. it's up to you.

If there are any Questions please ask.