View Full Version : King of Fighters Ash Crimson wig help

07-01-2005, 06:44 PM
So with Otakon only a few weeks away, I figured "Hm, maybe I should actually get my wig.." Only problem is, I'm having trouble deciding what to do.
Here is a reference pic of Ash, his hair is actually a lot whiter than what they show here: From SNK official site (http://www.snkplaymore.jp/official/kof2003/english/character/hero_ash.html)

I've found what I believe to be the perfect styled wig here at the cosplay wig store, only problem is it doesn't come in white. Only "platinum blonde". It's the "Monica" wig, btw. (http://store.cosplay.com/product.php?productid=16440&cat=299&page=1) I'd really love to have this one, but how would I get it white? (If anyone has any ways to do this, I'll thank you forever.) This brought me to my next option..
Femme Fatale from amphigory in Lily. (http://www.amphigory.com/wigs_femme_fatale.html) This would take a lot more work obviously... but does anyone know how easily stylable it would be to mold it like Mr..-ish Crimson? (I mean, could I get that side part to work for instance?)

*phew* Sorry this is so long and detailed. ._. I just have a love/hate relationship with wigs and I'd really appreciate all the help I can receive. Thanks to anyone in advance!