View Full Version : Seeking cosplayers 4 AnimeFest 05 groups

07-08-2005, 02:38 AM
Hallo everyone going to AF ^_^.
If you would like here are some groups my friends & mine will be doing.
But we need a few other people to make the groups whole.

Saturday/photo shoot group
Malice Alice Group (org costume ideas.)
Mad hatter-Taken
Cat girl taken
The Queen- maybe taken
Card girl-Taken
Bunny girl-Taken

Sunday photo shoot
Utena the Movie group-
Really any char form UTENA the movie

EGL- Friday Photo shoot group

Pet Shop of Horrors Monday Photo shoot group

Sunday/photo shoot group
Rahxephon the Movie Group

07-09-2005, 04:37 AM
::starts crying:: I would love to join your Utena group but I already made stupid plans....hmmm maybe I can cancel them and just go with the utena idea. Hey do you already have an Anthy in your group?

07-09-2005, 12:04 PM
aww :-; I'm sorry sweet heart *hugz*
nope no anthy yet ^_^. We have an Utena. But I'm not sure she will make it :_; we also have a chuchu (i thing thats right) & 3 shadow girls.
If possible. We also need a queen, & bunny girl for our Malice Alice groups. I have the costume deisngs saved on my comp. So if you would like to see I'll Email them to you sweetie. ^_^ even if you cant make it in any of the groups. It will still be fun to hand out with you. To bad I'm not cosplaying in my DOAU cosplays this year. ;_;

07-09-2005, 06:55 PM
It would be kool to see the costume designs I'v always been a fan of anything Alice in Wonderland. I hope to be able to hang out with you at Afest!

07-23-2005, 09:43 PM
Malice- Hum how to explain that.....hahaha i dont know to explain it. XD. everyone in the Malice Alice group will be all torn up bloody ECT. Alice(thats me) went crazy. The wonder land we all though she was brought into was just a dream. Alice is your everday girl trying to make it in the cold city. One day on her way to work, she runs in a girl in a play boy bunny outfit. She bunny girl takes Alices purse. So alice chases after the girl. During their chase alice trips and falls into a man whole. (haha ya i know grose. But you know its like the bunny hole in the ORG story) Anyway. Alice ends up in Horrorland. The real ""wonderland"". In this world Alice soon finds she has to fight for her life agenst the Queen, the mad hatter, the card girls, and the bunny girl. Along the way Alice makes friends with the tattered Kitty girl & soon becomes good friends with the mad matter. The stroy becomes real life. Alice though it was tought living in reality of NewYork city. She was way wrong. Along with her 2 new friends. Alice, the kitty girl Ketsuatsu, & the mad hatter Kuro ha. Try to survive in this all to real nightmare.
This story shows that not everything in life it what it seams. You do not know how good you have it till you lose it.

Alice- aka Alice Tsuyoi
The Kitty girl- Ketsuatsu
The Mad hatter-Kuro ha
The Queen-Lady Ai
The Bunny girl- Suki
The card girl- Shi

I think our Bunny girl might not make it. So just in case we are casting for a new bunny girl. Please PM me if you would like to be the part? I'll Email you the the sketch drawing of her costume, & all of the info on the group. On Tuesday we got speical permishion to use the DMA & the Dallas Gardens for photo shoots that will be done that day. For the Gardens. We got a really good deal. Sence I'm good friends with the part owner. She is going to let us have the gardens to our selves for the end of the day.

On another note.
our group got this killer suite. If any one would like to join our group please PM me.
We can take on 4 more people. Male or Female.
For all 4 nights & 5 days. (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Monday)
Price- 114. (because of the leve the room is on. WE get free breakfast. The level have a private pool and spa. In the room. There is 3 king size beds. 2 sofa beds. 3 bathrooms, 3 TVs with game systems, -I'm going to bring my PS2 just in case- a wet bar, & a semi mini Kitchen XD) Told ya this is a kewl room. & the price in unreal. That's why I jumped on this ^.~.