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07-11-2005, 08:51 AM
I have just been given the go ahead to produce a stand up comedy show for ALa.

How it's going to happen is the environment will be that of a nightclub/cafe. People who are tired from the con can go in have some food and drink, and be entertained as well.

There are two different shows. A kid friendly show that will be held earlier in the day, and a more adult venue which will be held later in the evening. You can sign up for both if you wish.

I have a few rules for this event.

1. Every comic must choose an anime/video character to portray. This is to prevent repeat jokes, and all around bs-ing. As a character, you will look to your characters fandom for material. Basically the characters world becomes your world, their friends, loved ones, enemies, etc. become your friends, loved ones, enemies, etc. A comic can choose ANY anime/video game character.

2. There will be no random fandom sketches. So, no going up as yourself and making jokes about multiple fandoms. The only person who can do this is the emcee. There will be auditions held for anyone who is interested in emceeing.

3. There will only be one character/fandom per comic. This means that if someone chooses to portray Vash from Trigun, no one else can choose a character from Trigun. This is, again, to prevent repeat jokes and bs-ing. Not only that it gets more obscure anime/video games some airtime.

The Dress Code:

I'm not requiring for everyone to all out cosplay, though this is encouraged. I would like for there to be enough indication for the audience to recognize who the character is. This will be discussed in greater detail with each individual comic.

No jeans/t-shirt. When you go on stage, you are basically selling yourself to the audience. Looks are 70% of the sale. Again, no need to all out cosplay, but nice pants and shirt would be fine, just so long as there is some indication of who you are portraying.

Sign ups are due August 14. This is so everyone has time to work on their sketch. Every so often, myself as well as three other people, will call everyone together and see how you're doing.

All in all, be creative, and have fun.

If anyone has any questions, please post them here. I'll try to answer them as promptly as possible.

p.s. You've probably noticed I haven't said anything about language or content. Well, obviously the kid friendly show will be pretty clean. However, the adult show will have no content or language restrictions.

Edit: Sign up sheets will be up either later today or tomorrow. Until then just pm me if you are interested in participating.

10-11-2005, 02:59 PM
Hopefully I can get a few more interests in now that it's a little closer to show time. :P I've made a few changes since I first posted this.

NOTE: I've decided to give some slack on the rules a bit.

You still have to perform a sketch as a character, but it can be from anywhere.(book, movie, manga, anime, whatever)

As far as material is conserned. Just write up something, and I'll read it over. If I don't get it, I'll send it to someone else to read. By doing this I hope to take the anality out of the process. Not only that, it gives more creative license to the comedian.

For the most part I don't want repeat jokes. The proofreading and the separate character/separate world thing is to make sure that no one accidently tells the same joke.


NOTE: This is NOT like Whose line is it Anime. I repeat, NOT

I cannot believe how many times people assume this.

This is more like Premium Blend on comedy central, except everyone gets more than five minutes.

Please remember this, and have fun. I hope to see a good deal of comedians, who want a piece of the spotlight, come out of the woodwork.

I'll have a list of who is interested and stuff up later this week, or early next week.