View Full Version : UC Gundam Oekaki - Yaoi and mecha

Famira Damaris
01-21-2003, 09:38 AM
Another oekaki I did recently of Gyunei Guss and Char Aznable of Gundam: Char's Counterattack. This one was for a friend, Maya-chan. ^^ Anyway, a little warning - this is mild yaoi. For those who don't know, m/m. ^^; It's an improbable couple, so...er...don't attack me, I already know that. oO; *cringes* And Char's outfit is hard to draw. xX; And I can't do backgrounds...or hands...especially Char's left...and for some reason, the whole picture looks way too light...


It's titled "Manipulator (Yaoi)", under an elf piccy. I also have it on my photo gallery here, but it looks really light for some reason.

My second one is of Gyunei Guss (CCA) with the Jagd Doga sending out two of its funnels. It's titled "Artificial Newtype" - it'll be under a dragon piccy. Also in my photo gallery, but it looks faded too. xX;

What do you guys think? ^^;