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Hikaru Tsuki
01-23-2003, 09:14 AM
Haha, I'm such a loser. XD My friend and I are preparing to see Wrestlemania in March and we've decided to cosplay our favorite wrestlers. Me being Shawn Michaels, and her being Chris Jericho. I already know how Jericho will be done, but deciding on one of Shawn's costumes to make is NOT easy.

This is an outfit I'm concitering. However, because of the elaborate fabric, I don't know if I'll be able to make this:

Feedback with suggestions for my HBK costume would greatly be appreciated. Even suggest other costumes of his, actually. However, please exclude any vest ones, they bore me. Hehe.

Aoshi Shinomori
01-29-2003, 12:54 PM
hmm ifyour a girl and wanted to do that costume u would probably want to wear something underneath his red stripy thing

01-29-2003, 02:23 PM
YEAH! -high fives Hikaru- I'm going to cosplay Hurricane and Edge sometime in the distant future, but what I'm going to do is for Edge wear one of his shirts under the jacket. I can't see the pictures (it's AOL, not you), but I'm pretty sure I know what the "red stripy thing" is. I'd wear one of HBK's shirts. ^^; just my suggestion. ^_^ later! -high fives again-

-edit- I found a possible resource for you:

Later! ^_^

Hikaru Tsuki
01-29-2003, 09:49 PM
I do plan on wearing a black midrift shirt under the outfit, don't worry. ^^ Unfortunately, I've been unable to find suitable chains for the sleeves, so I'm just making the underside of the sleeves with black pleather. It will still be groovy, so it's all good.

Tenjou, if you plan to cosplay Hurricane, get the mask and cape now while they're cheap. WWE's website is selling the mask and cape together for $15 US, $5 cheaper than getting them seperate. I would LOVE to cosplay the Hurricane, I absolutely adore him (he watches ANIME!), but I'm a small person and wear glasses, so the mask probably wouldn't fit me. =P

And now I'm making HBK and Jericho plushies for my friend and I. XD

01-30-2003, 02:24 PM
Yeah, I was checking it out. *_* $15... heaven. *_* I might get them for my birthday too; but I think I should just buy them now. The best thing about cosplaying Hurricane is that I get to do this:

Wrestling Fan: (walking towards arena door to get to seat)
Me: (runs, stands behind fan)
WF: um... (odd look)
Me: STAND BACK! There's a Hurricane coming through! (woosh)
WF: er....
Me: Hello there citizen. How are you this fine day?
WF: uh... (runs)


Ooooooh! Get some pictures when you're done with them! ^_^

Hikaru Tsuki
02-15-2003, 09:13 PM
I finished both plushies a couple weeks ago. Jericho just came out hillarious. He had the high ponytail, the beard tied and he was wearing the outfit from his WWE debut. You look at it and immediately know it's Jericho. Shawn, however, is in his nWo (complete with cute hat ^^), and some can't tell who he is. Oh well.

I decided to make a hat for my HBK costume. I finished it today, it's pretty much the same as all his hats, just made with my red and black snakeskin fabric and black pleather. It's awesome looking and even has a silver-chainish trim on it. LOVE! XD