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08-06-2005, 07:00 PM
Twisted Tea Party (Gothic Lolita Ball)

The Twisted Tea Party (Gothic Lolita Ball) is where you and your team can strut your stuff in costuming to presentations skills. The goal of this event is simple. Create a living exhibit of a Lolita Tea Party complete with backdrops, costumes, and props. It can be any genre. Cute Loli, Morbid Loli, or invent your own. This is a great opportunity for budding costumes, interior , and visual communication designers in a rare opportunity to combine their forces to create a stunning exhibit, and add a very unique entry to your portfolios. Basic materials such as tables and chairs/benches will be provided upon request, and we'll even flip the bill transporting your scenery/props to and from PMX. Press is invited to the event. Lastly, there will be a prize of $100 to the best over all exhibit.

Rules procedures:
*Pre-registration is required. The deadline is Aug 24th 2005. Early registration is highly recommended for logistics coordination. A rough sketch and brief project explanation are also required for entry.

* Each team is given an 8 foot round table and up to six chairs.

* Combined weight your scenery, excluding costumes will be less than 75lbs.

* Maximum of 6 people in each group. 5 as a part of the set scenery, 1 person each group can play the role of a curator interfacing with the public and the press or an explanation can be written and displayed for the public to view the display.

* Scenery must fit within the space of 11x13 feet, and does not use live electricity. Powered props will only be approved on a case by base bases.

* Only faux food or drinks should be used.

* All productions must be PG-13 rated, it should not cause an episode to your grand mother if she found out.

* A hostess' critique is available for participating group. Those who participate on the critique are eligible to win a cash prize of $100.

* There is a 2 hour limit to assemble and dress each members for the final display. You may dress ahead of time, but it is not recommended. Delicate dresses does not go well with set assembly. (eg, you might ruin your dress)

* A mandatory orientation meeting will be held on Saturday Sep 3rd. For sign in, inventory, and general good communication purposes.

Hostess' prize procedure:

During the exhibit the hostesses will be examining your creation and form an opinion rating. Your curator (your group representative) will be asked a number of questions about your exhibit. If you opt not to have a spokesperson, then your written explaination will be used in the judging. Some common questions will be:
What are your inspiration for this project?
How was XYZ constructed?
What is your overall message to the viewers?
What special feature does your exhibit has? can you demonstrate it?


Twisted Lolita Tea Party Registration form
*All field are mandatory unless otherwise indicated

Group name:
(Please include pronunciation notes for the Japanese impaired)

__________________________________________________ ____

Project name: ___________________________________________

Project description: _______________________________________

__________________________________________________ _____

__________________________________________________ _____

__________________________________________________ _____

How many people total will be participating in your project? ___

Are there any minors in your group? If so, how many? ___
*Note: An additional consent form sign by the participant 's parent or legal guardian must be submitted along with the group registration form.

Full name of your group's primary contact:_______________________

Address, Phone number, and E-mail address of primary contact:

Address: _________________________________________________

__________________________________________________ _______

Phone___________________(Cell? Y/N)Email: ___________________

Participants (This includes primary contact):

Name: _____________________

Name: _____________________

Name: _____________________

Name: _____________________

Name: _____________________

Name: _____________________

Please reserve your space by writing to:

Twisted Tea Party
c/o Pacific Media Expo
909 Marina Village Parkway, PMB 660
Alameda, CA 94501

08-15-2005, 12:03 AM
do you know the time/ place and date yet?? XD

We are trying to work out our con schedule! XD Can't wait! :heart:

08-15-2005, 12:49 AM
I think it is slated for Sat night, just so it stays away from masquerade activities. I will try to follow-up tomorrow.