View Full Version : 3 people looking for 3-4 roomates (Holiday Inn)

Cyber Wolf
08-10-2005, 07:00 PM
Hey ^^ I'm looking for 4 more roomates to share a hotel room with my friends and I. The room is in the holiday inn which is diagonally across the street from the convention center. We are staying 3 nights, check-in on thrusday is after 3 PM and we will have to checkout on sunday by 12 PM. The room is $174 a night, so if we get 3 more roomies the cost will be $87 per person, if we get 4 roomies it will be $74.57 per person (there's a special that weekend so there is no room tax). The room is a "standard" room which means the type of beds and how many there are in the room really depends on what rooms the hotel has available at the time. There is also a breakfast special for 2 people each day (between a specific time as well) in which each person can get breakfast in the hotel for up to $10 each (yes, I plan to split these among you guys, but only 6 breakfasts are available so first come, first served). You MUST pay up front on thurs before we check in and you MUST pay your entire share then.

3 nighters preferred but 1-2 nighters can be accomadated, inquire via pm to get rate.

-You must be 18 years or older
-No smoking
-If there's a mini-fridge, keep your hands off others stuff
-You must be responsible for your own possesions and also respect those of others (in short, no stealing and lock up your stuff! XP)
-No fighting
-No sex
-If you smell, you MUST bathe
-bring your own toiletries, no sharing toothpaste etc.
-No ordering room service of ANY kind such as movies, games, drinks, anything from mini-bar (if there is one) etc. and no ordering of anything else that will be billed to the room.

Females are preferred, but will take males also (will prob also need to see a pic of you for verification as well via e-mail, not immediately though). Please reply with your age and gender if interested, thank you ^^