View Full Version : We need more roomies. Any takers?

08-12-2005, 08:56 AM
Granted, this is cutting close to D.C. and I'm sure you all have plans but the offer is still up. My bf and I may end up being the only ones in our room. We have it reserved, have had it reserved since last year. Anyways, We're staying throughout the entire con, going to leave Friday morning or at noon and be there around early afternoon, and leave Monday morning. His friend MAY room with us, it just depends. We had plenty of people but they ALL backed out (bastages lol). We also are provding 2 more blow up beds just incase a bunch of people decide to share. We're looking for at least 2-3 more people, perhaps a couple and a friend or 3 friends or whatever. Only few things though.
1. No smoking in the room. Drinking is ok ~.^
2. No stealing anything, we'll show upper most respect for you and you're stuff, we only expect the same.
3. A room card would be given out to those who are leaving the room for a period of time so they can come back. Unfortunately only two cards are given per room, so we'd surely work something out.

We just need more people to help the cost of the room, since it'd be just him and I possibly, it'd be around 250 each, and that's just a tad bit more than we can spend :P Especially me since I'm moving in with him right after the con and I need tons of money for that alone :P
So drop me an email: kestes@mailcity.com or xsouthern_bellex@hotmail.com or reply and such, letting me know if you're interested.

NOTE: I do believe we will be staying at the Hyatt like we did last year, where I do believe the majority of the cosplaying will be. Or at least that was the case last year. I think we're on the 21st floor again too... not sure.

08-12-2005, 11:35 AM
We will be staying at the Hyatt (where else would we stay, all of the costumes and stuff are in the Hyatt lobby :) ) Our room is on the 21st floor (so it's nice and quiet for when you want to sleep). We would like other costumers to stay with us so that we have something to relate to each other about :)

Cya all there