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08-13-2005, 11:36 PM

Searching for:
- 4 more people to fill a room at the Days Inn. It is located right across the street from the BCC. It is one of the very closest hotels!

Room details:
- 1 double(two bed) room.
- Check in is on Thursday. Checkout is Monday. 4 nights.
- Right now there are 4 people staying in the room.
- Beds are rotated by night, if you are willing to stay in a bed with another person you will get more time on a bed and less on the floor. More details will be worked out at con.
- Room keys *may* be limited, or shared. The room is really just to sleep and shower and change in anyway.

- 85$ per person, regardless of how many nights you stay.
- Each person is responsible for their own parking.
- No long distance calls, please. Use a pay phone or cell phone.
- No ordering room service.
- No ordering special porn or movies.
- No ordering any services that are directly billed to the room.

Rules laid out by me:
- Dry room, please no alcohol if possible. You can go drink somewhere else, but try not to come back falling down drunk ^^;
- If you must vomit, do so in the toilet or hallway, not anywhere else (This has happened before).
- No room parties. Of course, you can go party somewhere else.
- Cost of room is paid at check-in with me in full in cash. No Money, no room.
- You must shower at least once during the weekend, *please* shower every day.
- no smoking, this is a non-smoking room. You can, of course, smoke outside, just not in the room.
- I require anyone in the room to be over 18 to avoid any legal issues.

Any interested parties can:
email me at OtakuEmpress@aol.com
send me AIM at AlikNyankoChan

Please have "Days Inn" in the topic of your email.
Please mention "Days Inn" when IMing me.

Thank you ^^


08-16-2005, 08:04 PM
any more room left?

if so please write I really want to go