View Full Version : Summer's End, Autumn's Relief.

Link Arroway
08-14-2005, 04:14 PM
It's already rapidly approaching the end of summer. I hope everyone has enjoyed their break or is still enjoying it until they return. If you weren't able to get out to submerge yourself in the bright rays of the sun - there's still time!

Anyways, if you managed to get out like me, you probably found, unless you traveled far enough to find a more forgiving climate... that it was very hot. I dressed for the occasion and still couldn't escape sweat. Not very good for cosplay, but well for those of you brave enough to combat the heat, Otakon is coming in a few days. I'll see you there!

Then as it is normally does, fall will bring much awaited relief from the heat and beautiful weather. Providing good oppertunities for showing off all your hard cosplay work under autumn's nice scenery! So I'd like to encourage everyone to take some time away from your back to work/school chores and help plan the next big CCR gathering. Our last provided some relief from cosplaying and the heat, but I'm sure everyone's got something (or an idea for something) to show for your long break. It looks like it'd be nice to have another Duke Gardens gathering in Durham, NC (as for this group it seems to be an annual thing, and it fits for being a place with good scenery and space for photoshoot) but go put in your two cents!
Don't wait til the last minute and help plan the next gathering here (http://ccr.kukaionline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=21).