View Full Version : Last minute AWA casting call...PLEASE HELP!

08-16-2005, 02:34 PM
Hey there peoples. Here's the deal. Some friends and I were planning on doing a Malice Mizer group for AWA. We were doing the Au Revoir version. We were planning on all of the band members for picture quality and...well...come on...it's cool. Well, unfortunatly I'm having a panic attack here. It's only a month till AWA and our Kami has dropped out due to family stuff. Also, we have no Kozi. So here I am...begging. If there's anyone who would be willing to be our Kami or Kozi we would REALLY appreciate it.
Also, our Yu~ki has just quit due to an unknown reason so now we need Yu~ki as well. Please help. ^_^;