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07-23-2002, 11:28 AM
Hi everyone!

Before I began, has anybody heard of J-streetstyle.com? Oh Ok, for those who don't know of it please check out www.j-streetstyle.com. It is a very awesome site. Has different pictures of what the Japanese youths is wearing in Japan. It has a place to chat with other fans of j-wear. J-streetstyle.com needs the fans of j-wear help. To better explain, here is the annoucement they made on their website.

A very important annoucement:

In other countries, Japanese street fashions and pop cultures for youngsters have been popular for a while. We expected that the demand for this information would continue to grow. Therefore, we launched j-streetstyle.com to provide the information and fashion items to people all around the world.
We believe that we can continue to provide information, however, we have to give up to sell fashion items online duo to several difficulties such as distributions and pricing differences between Japan and other countries. Though we have kept receiving many positive comments from our viewers, we can't keep this information site unless we make a profit as a company.

Therefore, we are now opening doors to everyone who can come up with a good business idea utilizing our site. If you have a good business idea utilizing our site, please submit your idea. We will contact you if your idea has a potential. If we can't find or come up with a good idea, we will end j-streetstyle.com.


So come on guys! If you are a fan of j-wear. Give your ideas to j-streetstyle.com. Help keep this site alive. ^__^

07-23-2002, 12:31 PM
Oo, I remember when that site first came out.. what.. a year or so ago? More? *fuzzy memory* I was psyched at the prospect of being able to buy j-clothes online! ^_^ I'm really into Asian fashion, and was hoping something would come of it.. I really know next to nothing about business ventures (okay, nothing about business ventures!), but I hope something can be worked out. ^_^ I'd really like to see that site get up and running.