View Full Version : Taking a picture at a different angle....

08-21-2005, 05:27 PM
Something I have been trying to do, which I am going to pass on here.

I sometimes like to get one benches, pots, chairs and angle my camera down. Or simply raise my camera over my head. Sure, you may not get the lense centered, but if you do get it right, you can have a real good picture.

One thing I do sometimes (Not now), is take my monopod, put my camera on it, and attach an exteded shutter release. (It's a squeeze bulb on a 60 ft length of 1/8th inch tube that attaches to your shutter release.) Angle it down about 45 degrees, and ask your target if they can see the center of the lense. put the bulb down by your foot, and when ready, stomp the bulb, take the picture and thank your models.

I learned this from my photgraphy instructor, who has a friend who shoots the opening of the SanFrancsico Marathon. He stomps his foot at the moment the starting gun goes off and the runners start running, and then gets outof the way as fast as he can.