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08-23-2005, 12:57 PM
I posted this on the AWA forums and thought I may as well here. I have a room with at the Ren-Waverly reserved. I can accomodate two more people. Currently, I have one room mate (male... he has a gf already before someone asks). The share for splitting it 3 ways ($109 AWA rate with 13% tax) would be $82.11 for the weekend/$41.05 for one night. Splitting it 4 ways would be $61.58 for the weekend/$30.79 for one night. Someone correct me if my math is wrong.

But there are conditions/catches:
- is brave enough to be around me PMSing >.>
- 21 + (non negotiable) I will card you... no really
- must be easy going/drama free
- doesn't have a problem rooming with a guy or girl
- doesn't mind a Friday night party/hentai/hangout (my friends deemed my room the booze room. I have to store the alcohol... somehow I was conned.... thus the age thingy)
- doesn't have any race, gender or homophobic hangups

There are two queen beds in the room. Plus I requested for a rollawaybed. So sleeping space. Heck bring an air matress or sleeping bag if you like. I just ask that can I sleep in a bed pwease. I'm old and junk. I ask for payment of room mates share upon arrival. Payment for room mates share must be rendered in full upon receiving a room key/card. I'm not trying to be a bitch or anything. I know ppl get happy in the Dealers Room, then artist's alley. Eventually all their cash is blown. So yeah this is to protect myself in the event someone skips out without paying. PM me.

08-25-2005, 11:20 PM
All the space in my room is gone. Feel free to use this thread to hook up rooms ya'll. ^_^