View Full Version : Last minute search for Macabre Shinya!!

08-31-2005, 10:35 PM
I know this is all so last minute but we NEED a Shinya cosplayer for your macabre group for PMX because some emergency came up and one of your group member can't make it after the entire year of planing! T^T

So I am just wondering if there's someone out there who's interested and can manage to pull a costume our from thin air within 2 days? Please let me know~~!!!!!

Official Macabre Shinya: the one with the snake skin vinyl top and long black coat.

09-01-2005, 01:41 AM
Hey, long time no talk. Been busy? My parents been giving me a hard time and lecturing me about getting ready for college, but I'm glad that PMX is just around the corner. Aww. My cousins were actually willing to take your friend to Cali with them this weekend, but they'll already be leaving tomorrow morning. I was really looking forward to your group cosplay. I spent a whole day several weeks ago, putting the studs on your Die's costume patch details by hand. Why do I always get stuck doing the tedious, painful stuff? Right, I volunteered to lend a hand. >_< My thumbs were sore for several days after that. Well, I'm sure your group is still great, after all, a year of planning is a long time. Iím babbling...

ANYWAYS, my cousin sort of has that costume. It's about 90% done. She has the coat (that she bought in a pricey boutique in Taiwan) and I can steal some of cousin's straps to make the X thingy, but not the shirt and the pants. If you know someone with the shirt and black pants and wears a size 1 and is willing to do the cosplay, it might work. She may be willing to let someone wear her coat if they're very careful with the fine leather. She loves that coat.

Our Illuminati group all made our costumes in a matter of several weeks. >_< I just hope we look as nice and polished as you do. And I'll be dressed as the bride cosplay the first day. If I don't find you first, I'm kinda hard to miss, so just yell if you see me. I'm bring a camera with CHARGED batteries this time. ^_^

09-01-2005, 03:12 AM
if you pose this a week early
i will be able to make it
but now... i almose done with my
Die's costume...

09-01-2005, 06:57 PM
Kabuki_killer: Yeah. = =;; last minute crap SUX.
Anyhowwww~~ Yeah.... =0=;; I don't really know anyone with the skirt thing.... Gah. = =;; And with PMX only a day away I don't think it'll be possable to find anyone anyway. T^T

Thanx for replying though. I'll see you at the con for sure.

annshenus: Yeah... =0=;; It was a last minute thing. Everything was working out just fine a week ago. T^T Man I have bad luck!