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09-18-2005, 04:53 AM
Here's the official list of Masquerade winners. Let me know if I typo'ed your name or link. If you think there's an error or if you have any questions, contact Kaijugal (http://forums.cosplay.com/private.php?do=newpm&u=7016).

Workmanship -- Young Fan

Best Appliqué -- no. 1 "Sakura and Yuna" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_155.jpg)
Best Young Fan Workmanship -- Chii of no. 32 "Kyo, Bridget and Chii" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_303.jpg)

Workmanship -- Novice

Most Creative Use of Materials" -- no. 57 "Ultimate Thing" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_453.jpg)
Best Construction -- no. 48 "Drow Matron" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_405.jpg)
Best Tailoring -- no. 24 "Bridget and Ky" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_255.jpg)
Best Characterisation -- no. 36 "Super Sailor Senshi" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_327.jpg)
Best Jewelry -- no. 58 "Arwen Blood Red Dress" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_455.jpg)
Best Metalwork -- no. 55 "Castlevania: Leon Belmont Meets Pumpkinhead" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_439.jpg)
Best Recreation -- no. 39 "Final Fantasy X-2 Songstress" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_356.jpg)
Best Novice Workmanship -- no. 22 "Terminator" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_250.jpg)

Workmanship -- Journeyman

Best Armour -- no. 42 "Last Time on DragonBall Z" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_379.jpg)
Best Embellishment -- no. 16 "OFF Cosplay" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_222.jpg)
Best Wings -- no. 13 "Hope Card" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_199.jpg)
Best Mascot -- no. 26 "The Summoning" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_266.jpg)
Best Coat -- no. 10 "Vash and Scarecrow" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_182.jpg)
Best Recreation -- no. 59/60 "Kenshin" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_465.jpg)
Best Tailoring -- no. 8 "Twin 1" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_169.jpg)
Best Attention to Detail -- no. 23 "Willy Wonka" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_253.jpg)
Best Journeyman Workmanship -- no. 14 "Red Death" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_208.jpg)

Workmanship -- Artisan

Best Armour -- no. 34 "Ani-Date Dating Service" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_316.jpg)
Best Appliqué -- no. 38 "What's for Dinner Tonight?" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_347.jpg)
Best Artisan Workmanship -- no. 18 "Luna and Solaris" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_231.jpg)

Workmanship -- Master

Best Kimono -- [Girl in White] of no. 40 "Devil" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_363.jpg)

Workmanship -- Best in Show

Best Workmanship in Show (tie) -- no. 54 "Dalek" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_432.jpg)
Best Workmanship in Show (tie) -- no. 56 "Ragnarok Battle Offline" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_450.jpg)

Presentation -- Young Fan

Best Gunner -- no. 3 "(Gunner) Yuna" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_157.jpg)
"Cute But Tough" Award - no. 4 "Sugar and San" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_158.jpg)
Best Young Fan -- no. 1 "Sakura and Yuna" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_155.jpg)

Presentation -- Novice

Fangirl Award -- no. 19 "Voulez-Vous Coucher avec Moi? -- Yaoi" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_239.jpg)
Best Staging -- no. 48 "Drow Matron" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_405.jpg)
Best Choreography -- no. 39 "Final Fantasy Songstress" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_356.jpg)
Best Presentation -- no. 44 "Harley and The Joker" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_380.jpg)
Best Novice Group -- no. 49 "Snaf Emina" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_414.jpg)
Best Novice -- no. 22 "Terminator" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_250.jpg)

Presentation -- Journeyman

Cutest Dance -- no. 11 "Digi Charat" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_190.jpg)
Blonde Ambition Award -- no. 31 "Soul Reaper Man" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_299.jpg)
Best Stage Musical Recreation -- no. 14 "Red Death" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_208.jpg)
Most Humourous -- no. 42 Last Time on DragonBall Z" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_379.jpg)
Best Journeyman Group -- no. 59/60 "Kenshin" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_465.jpg)
Best Characterisation -- no. 23 "Willy Wonka" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_313.jpg)
Best Journeyman -- no. 10 "Vash and Scarecrow" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_182.jpg)

Presentation -- Artisan

Most Appetising -- no. 38 "What's for Dinner Tonight?" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_347.jpg)
Best Artisan -- no. 18 "Luna and Solaris" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_231.jpg)

Presentation -- Master

Best Master -- no. 56 "Ragnarok Battle Offline" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_450.jpg)

Presentation -- Best in Show

Best in Show -- no. 54 "Dalek" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_432.jpg)

Genre Awards

Best DC Comic -- no. 44 "Harley and The Joker" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_380.jpg)
Best Marvel Comic -- no. 57 "Ultimate Thing" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_453.jpg)
Best Comic -- no. 57 "Ultimate Thing" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_453.jpg)
Best Horror -- no. 33 "Vickey the Vampire and Her Pet Zombie Spike" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_313.jpg)
Best Sci-Fi -- no. 8 "Twin 1" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_169.jpg)
Best Videogame -- no. 52 "'Kicking' It Old-School" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_421.jpg)
Best Anime -- no. 56 "Ragnarok Battle Offline" (http://www.pictures.adaelis.com/cnx2005_ikegami/pictures/cnx2005_ikegami_450.jpg)

Edited: Added Best Anime.

09-18-2005, 08:50 AM
We also won the best anime ^_~ Which was a great surprise...! Thanks for the list though ^_^

09-18-2005, 04:12 PM
ya bravo to all the winner..........^^...................

hope next year i can win someting too...

***i had work soo hard on my costume and no one jnew what i was.......
so thats why i guess i did won this year......so i will choose next time someting
more know to other.......***....now i know what a maskerade is i will do better next time right....^^.....

well good work to all you were alll coolll and cute.....

i did have a chance to see all of you out there did'n have enough time too bad

but maybe next year........^^............i will have moore time if i can go again...^^...

09-18-2005, 09:40 PM
aww man my arm came out of the f4 costume on stage, my next costumes gotta be made alot better :sulk:

09-18-2005, 10:07 PM
trixyloupwolf!! I was your den mother! =D And I still think your costume is adorable! ^_^

Congradulations to all the winners and other entries! I'd like to think, that while not everyone wins, everyone should feel like a winner. Yay for corny comments!

09-18-2005, 10:25 PM
Yay 4 Liz!!!

09-18-2005, 10:36 PM
Since this is a purely informational thread, it has been requested to be locked as there is no real need for replies.

Congrats to all the participants this year! You all rocked! ^_^