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09-21-2005, 09:16 PM
SO!!! Me and my friends decided to make a cosplay costume each then wondered, "Hm, why not do each a costume from the same manga?" then we agreed that it was a great idea and took 2 months to finally figure out were gonna do Tsubasa!

Here's all ya need to know on Syaoran, Fai, and Kurogane!!!!

(Lightly tanned skin, brown eyes, brown/short hair.)

-Gloves: Black, an inche above the wrist.
-Buckles: Sticks out of the shirt and descends 3->4" until a gold button pins it to the pants.
-Goggles: Brown strap, metalic lens.
-Boots: Black, goes 2->3" above the Ankle.

-Cape: Forest Green, has a large collar, descends to touch the floor excatly.
-Shirt: Black, turtle neck, sleevless.
-Pants: Light tanned white, tucked inside the boots and shirt.

(Pale skin, ice colored eyes, middle-neck long blonde hair.)

-Buckles: Long black strip, golden buckles.
-Extremely long Staff: golden, holding a jewel in the middle at the tip of the staff.
-Gloves: Long and black, reaches above the elbow about 2-3"

-Cape: Long and completely white with ski blue colored lines all over it as a design. Fluffy borders. Large hood.
-Shirt: From the front, it splits in two on the right side of the shirt, twisting so the split ends in the middle of the length of the neck, reaching just bellow the adams apple. Blue laces borders. From the back, the shirt descends all the way to 4->5" below the knees, splitting in the middle and the split reaching up to his butt.
-Pants: Skin tight, dark blue or black.

(Normale white skin, very short jet black hair, red eyes.)

-Red Belt with holes: A large red belt with holes.
-Red belt without holes: Either i'm blind, or this one doesn't have holes.
-Chest Armor: An armor made up of small/thin plates put together to form something that goes around the chest, with red ribbon like straps to hold it on his shoulders.
-Shoulder Plats: Attached to the left strap.
-Head Protector: ...Red.. and has a crsent moon on it! (See pic for info)
-Shoes: Dress shoes with red laces outlines.
-Wrist Band: About 3" long, black.

-Cape: Large collar, reaches up to his neck, Black. Reaches down to his ankle. A red lace tighs it together.
-Shirt: None.
-Pants: Long, skin tight, black.


Well this is all I got up to now. If I missed anything, PLEASE post it, I would greatly apreciate it.

Now the help that I actually want.. is the best kind of Fabric we should use for our costumes. If you only suggest for one chara, it's fine, i'll edit this post and add it in whenever anyone posts something. But i'd like the best fabric info for all of these costumes.. If possible.. Thank you =D



09-21-2005, 09:54 PM
I did all three layers of Fai's costume and I used a couple different fabrics ^_^ I used just a normal cotten for the inner blue coat and then for the shirt and the outer coat I actually used flannel. My thinking was, if he lived in a castle surrounded by what looked like ice and cold and if he feels he should be wearing layors, then it is obviously cold enough to be wearing flannel XD I have pictures in my gallery if you are curious as to how it looks.

You can use just a normal cotton fabric for the shirt though. Its all up to what you feel like using and how you want it to look. I know some people have used a shiny satin like material for the shirt before.

Amy the Yu
10-06-2005, 11:58 PM
(Normale white skin, very short jet black hair, red eyes.)

-Red Belt with holes: A large red belt with holes.
-Red belt without holes: Either i'm blind, or this one doesn't have holes.

-Pants: Long, skin tight, black.Actually, since you did mention that you and your friends were looking at manga cosplays, I thought that I'd mention that Kurogane's belts don't have holes in either of them in the manga. The top belt actually has eliptical inserts of some kind.

And once again, manga specific, but his pants aren't skin tight. You can see a good lot of wrinkles in this image (although you'd need to squint cause I'm too lazy to upload the larger version of this image).

10-11-2005, 02:07 PM
For my Fye costume, I used white cotton-blend suiting for his white jacket (layer one) and faux suede for the coats.

For Kurogane's armour, vinyl/pleather covering either craft foam or styrene plastic sheeting would be best, methinks. There are probably some other types of plastic that are more readily available in this small size.

Syoran's pants and cloak would probably work well if made with bottomweights.

Cottons are best for these costumes because of the multiple layers that each of the characters wear. Its best to just go through a fabric store with colour in mind and just touch everything. Fabric texture and weight is important.

My brain is dead... so that's all I've got right now. I'mma go pay attention to my teacher now.