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09-26-2005, 10:17 AM
Purpleflames- Thanks for letting me be your side kick at the con I had a great time with you, thanks for the glow sticks and I hope you enjoyed the junkfood,your a crazy loveable guy and I cant wait to see you next year and also at katsucon thanks for also playing that "dare to be stuiped" song it will forever be in my head.

Black cosplayer- I love you all everyone was so down to earth and cool to talked too I actually feel like i belong to somthing :waaaah:, also aleathia your dolls of doom were scary and they stole so many souls keep up the great work.

Jeremy- your alucard got so much freakin love!!! I enjoyed you staying in the room you were very down to earth and a total sweet heart,and thanks for drinks they were yummy :drink:

Ozzie and peporth- You guy are like family I love you guys very much had a great time with the ninja parade and dancing

Cass- Your room was off the hook all your ppls were funny and crazy made me feel like I was apart of the family and our Ikkitosuen were dead on poin I had a blast with you and I hope to see you at MTAC.

To everyone else I forgot im sorry and I love you all hope to see everyone next year.

09-26-2005, 06:10 PM
damn, u made the thread before me lol

ohh, thanks so sweet. i had a great time with u and the others as well. our ninja parade AKA ninja block party was off the hook! much love to hentaigirl, ozzie_kun, Cass, purple flames, jermey, the black cosplayers and to all the cool ppl i met! btw, if u are here "mystery temari", we'll met again! LOL

09-26-2005, 06:43 PM
shout out to my friend Michael that I met at the con. it was fun hanging out with you man, hope to see you soon. ^^

also a shoutout to the awsome Sakura chan I met! (Randy I think?) and everyone else in the Naruto group, you guys were awsome. Tsunade, Kakashi, the unspeaking Shino, lol. and the other Sasuke. It was great meeting you all. ^^

I hope to meet you all again sometime!!

09-26-2005, 06:57 PM
Shout out to Tani of eX-O Studios for making my UBER-COOL con badge!! Also a shout out to Straya of N.W. INX for taking my offer to do my commission! Be sure to check them out!

~ Selene

09-26-2005, 11:18 PM
Mad props to the Diru group on Saturday, you guys ROCKED! Also for the Rufus and Chii I talked with on Friday! You guys made my day. For the kawaii Rin I walked around with on Sunday, and finally to all those who let me hug/glomp them or those who hugged/glomped me XD


09-27-2005, 12:40 AM
I'd like to give a shout out to Cass. The costume that you helped me with turned out great. And in return, I got that one CD signed for you. Also, to those that were with me on Friday night and hung out with my drunk ass. Also, anyone who actually knew who I was on Saturday, I give a shout out for you guys also. And just a shout out to everyone at AWA this year, I had a blast!!!

09-27-2005, 06:20 AM
yo yo yo id like to give a shout out to everyone that showed up at the awa con this weekend everyone made it great! shout out to my new members of my group pain train i love all yall to death thanks for joining yall made it fun and to my old members i love yall cuz we are just to great! special thanks to those who raped sasuke_kun on sat and sun and for kakashi who had the balls to do a yaoi scene with sasuke, man you rock! well hopefuly ill see yalls at katsucon so peace out

09-27-2005, 09:32 AM
Hey ya'll. I'd like to give a shout out to Hentaigirl82, Peperoth, and Ozzie_Kun. All of you guys rock!! Thanx for letting me tag along with ya to AWA this year, you all were a huge help to me. Hope to see all of you at future cons.

Purple Flames
09-27-2005, 09:34 AM
hentaigirl82 - Dee, my lil' sidekick for the weekend. I know it was fun hanging out with me, and I know you had a great time this. Just be sure to send me that cake soon. I'm starving. BTW, you didn't get the chance to handcuff me muahahaha =P

Prof Farnsworth - Jeremy, my boy. As always it was fun hanging out with you, and seeing you get all kinds of fangirls in your Alucard outfit. I certainly hope you can make it to AnimeUSA.

Ozzie and peperoth - It was cool to officially meet you guys and hang out with you. We scared the hell outta the people at the food court on Friday in our outits, and it was good. See you next con.

the black cosplayers group (Alethia, mocha, vamirehunterx, cass) - Nice to finally meet you guys face-to-face after all the hilarity that ensued in the Black cosplayers thread. Too bad we didn't get to really hang out until Sunday but hey, better ater than never. I don't know when I'll see you all again, but when I do, Alethia, keep those dolls away from me! =P

To anyone else I missed - Good to see you again for for the first time, and I'll catch you at the next con.

Prof Farnsworth
09-28-2005, 05:08 AM
Had a real good time at this con, it was very relaxing. Here's my lj entry for pics AWA Pictures (http://www.livejournal.com/users/musiclover84/14822.html)

Purple Flames - AWA rocked uber awesome and yes all that fangirl action was great :bigtu: I'm definately glad I got my Alucard completed for this con. It was great to room with you once again and to have such a good friend

Hentaigirl82 - Dee it was fun roomin witchya, and thanks for the help with my wig...oh and about that cake, you owe me a peice too for making me and dre wait for you lol. also: tremble at my mad mixology skillz! :drink:

Ozzie - XD wish I coulda seen the Sasuke rape. It was cool hanging around with ya at teh con

Jose - Thanks for letting us bogart your laptop all weekend to watch movies and stuff

April - eventhough ya kinda lost your cool ;) cool hanging with ya...oh and I still have 2 of those mana roses XD

Jacqui - nice to see ya again, and yes I did notice the con degredation of your hugs, but you still keep trying and that's what counts ^_~ =p you can still draw me that art I mentioned of course :cool: (green button btw lol)

Erica - was awesome hanging out with you at the con. And like I said, I'll try to behave at carowinds, but I can't guarantee that :cool:

Rip Van Winkle cosplayer - you know who you are ;) nice job. Interesting variety with the peace sign instead of the good 'ol Hakenkreuz. hit me up later if you read this oh and btw: "Gefriert das Blut dir in den Adern, Schnürt dir Angst die Kehle zu. Hörst du dein Herz und die Glocken schlagen, ist es Nacht ..."

Cool "columbian" Alucard dude - what can I say? Major props on the macking...smooth ^^

the random dozens of Alucard fangirls who glomped me and gave me compliments - Komm zu mir! Komm zu mir in mein dunkles Reich!

Alucard Fangirl who said we had to have babies - XD whoa, down girl...Alucard's a vampire so i'm not sure how that works...plus I'm sure he's as careful as me to not have little alucards popping up throughout the land ^_~

Bridget & Jessica Alucard groupies - hmm well you girls didn't run into me the rest of the con so i'm not sure how to rate your performance as groupies :razz: but you were pretty cool nonetheless.

Rikki Simmons - yeah you'll prob never read this, but it was cool meetin ya, thanks for signing my gir plushie & print and for the pic

Anna - wow they really liked getting pictures of us. good thing you weren't too shy ^_~. and too bad you missed out on the bebop lounge. It wasn't as fun as I expected, but you woulda had fun, I was there afterall ;)

Bartenter Erin - aww, you never got those mint leaves, thanks though for fixing me an actual daiquiri though, usually they'll give you a strawberry one without even thinking.

Kelly - eventhough neither of us can really dance, I'd say we did pretty good. Yes, I know i'm adorable, and I'll try to give ya a call sometime :dance:

Anybody I left out I'll try to add If I remember and to those I say this!: :jjacks:

09-28-2005, 09:32 AM
Oh my, where to start...

Evenstar1, Adakie, LinktheHero, Nikostratos, Tasukichan, and all the other PSCS members I hung around with - thank you guys so very much for not minding me randomly tagging along with y'all. I felt like quite a lost little sheep until I finally found you guys. I'm so glad I got the chance to get to know everyone even better. We must get our next event planned soon. :)

TechieCL - I know I've said it several times already, but you're an angel for putting up with me so much over the weekend. It was a blast to chill and shoot the breeze with you so much. Holler at me if you're ever over Athens way.

Allison - sweetie, you're one of the nicest people I've met in a while and I'm really glad I got to spend so much time with you.

Demon_Slayer69 - I'm glad I got to meet you! You and Kagome were wonderful for being so willing to indulge my insane photo-op ideas.

the other girls that joined in killing me Saturday night - thanks for being so willing to join in! I can't wait to get the pictures back and see how they turned out. Hopefully that'll be the only time in my life that I get killed by 5 people at once. ;)

anyone else I hung around and never got your name - thank you for being so willing to put up with this random freak and my unexpected giggle outbursts

everyone who got my scrapbook shoved in their face - I was really excited over that thing. I'm sorry if I forced it on anyone who didn't really want to see it, but I really appreciate all the positive comments on it. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who got choked up over the last page.

Vic - even though you'll probably never read this, I'm sorry if I started to come across like a stalker. Thank you for not running the other way every time you saw me coming. And thank you for the kind comments on the scrapbook. :)

the really sweet Inuyasha who took so many pictures with me - If you're on here and read this, get in touch with me. I forgot to get your name! Thank you for taking so many sweet pictures with me. You were one of very few Inuyasha cosplayers who didn't give me a hard time for being Kikyo and I really enjoyed hanging out with you and Rin.

I think that's everyone. I can't wait to get to go to another con!

09-28-2005, 11:47 AM
Evenstar, Adakie, Kenya, Nikki, Linkthehero - Hehe you guys are so silly. Nikki, you were the sanity among them all and Kenya THANK YOU FOR HAVING MY CAMERA. Adakie, thanks for chatting with me in the costume contest line. I appreciate it. ^^ Evenstar, just you wait, come Katsucon, no only will be be bringing Movie Winry, but Movie Hawkeye with a GUN OF DOOM. Hopefully I'll see all of you again shortly. ^____^

Malinn - ThankyouThankyouThankyou for letting me room with you. ^^;

Nikostratos - Onii-cchhaaannn~~! Hehe it was great seeing you again and hopefully there won't be another 6 month lapse between times that I run into you. :/

Techie - Heh, I think I spent most of my time with you at the con. Thanks for letting me have that chair and store my wings under your table. ^^ And for loaning me your gun, because those pictures are hysterical. SAILOR MOON PICNIC! :O

LivvyLove - You and your boyfriend were so cute!! I promise I'll do Azusa for Momocon if you guys are wearing Ranma and Ran-chan again. :D

1ucifer - Congratulations!!!! I am so glad that you won because you really deserved it. It was great chatting with you again and hopefully you'll sometime do that costume that you mentioned to me. Have fun with the wig, if you do. It's a bitch. ^^;

Star_Angel - You are sooo sweet! I'm really glad that I got to meet you, and congratulations on your award! That costume was amazing. ^_^ Hope to see you at Katsucon! :D

Tsukinohime3 - Good seeing you again! Your Princess dress was so adorable! :D

I'm sorry if I forgot anyone!! I'm tired. ^^;

09-28-2005, 08:35 PM
Adraawer4life- Girly it's always awesome hanging out with you, Im glad you got to make the ride down with us, car rides are always fun!! and I had a great time wlaking around with you at the con on saturday!!

Moe- Always enjoy hanging out with you at cons, you made a awesome jiraiya (even if you got inked!) and a very funny Sanji! and it was amusing rooming with you and the other guys

Hentaigirl82- I only got to see you once!! lol and you got the glomp of DOOM!!!! hope i get to hang out with ya some time soon at a NC gathering!

Tasukichan- It was awesome gettign to talk with you before the cosplay fashion show, your costume was beaitiful and your wings were sooo pretty!!!

Evenstar- It's always awesome to see you and talk to ya! Yay for fun times while waiting in long lines!!

Everyone in the cosplay fashionshow that I talked with- You were all so nice and had such amazing costumes!!

And to everyone else I met and saw! I didnt see that many people that i knew off of c.com. and if i forgot anyone Ill most likely add you later after I remeber, lol.

09-29-2005, 04:14 PM
Yatta! AWA11 ROCKED!!!! I want to give a shout out to My Sasukes!!!! Chibi Sasuke-kun [aka SasukeX2o, you're SO frikkin adorable ] and to Dancing Sasuke [ aka Ozzie_kun, YOU FELL ASLEEP IN OUR BATHTUB!!!! ], to the Sakura and Ino that helped me rape him and all the ppl taking lovely pics! I want to shout out to all my friends who took me to AWA and helped me out with my costume! To my lovely Kakashi-sensei who did that OH SO WONDERFUL Yaoi scene with Dancing Sasuke and helped with the raping as well... AWA11 ROCKED!!! Hope to see everyone again at Katsucon!!! Oh and I want to shout out to all the other Sasukes too [i think there was only one or 2] y'all rock for being Sasuke and being pretty!!

09-29-2005, 04:46 PM
hmmm i wanna make a few.

The Diru group I hung out with. ^__^ You were all uber fun. And the random Totchi we found!! Phantom thief! YAY for random totchi's!!! Yay for random Diru trips and running around trying to find a kyo and totchi and other Jrockers!! ^^;; fun fun times!

Chibi_gackt(cody)-Even though you wernt my gackt that weekend but you were AC cloud ^^. Even though all the difficulty you had getting your buster sword in your sheath for it and the complete random-ness moments we had..and cracking on you sleeping..^^;;; lol I still loves ya! lol! Had another awsome con. with you!

To everyone who reckonized me as Moi Dix Mois-Mana on friday ~_~;;;; lol.

And anyone else i met that weekend o.o;;;

09-29-2005, 08:21 PM
Damn, I didn't get into costume the day I was there...>.<
Anyway, this is a shout out to my dad (and sister Gaby and bro Luke) for putting up with me during the one day I was there... even if I did fight with you and got annoyed from your brass comments.
I don't think anyone saw me though, despite my red hair...

10-04-2005, 10:54 AM
I do not remember much between 6 pm and 9 pm. I wasn't quite lucid. But then I sobered up when everyone got crunked. Hahahahahaha! Next year most definately will have a bigger better party.

Black cosplay crew: *hugs* Especially you Dee. My road dawg for the weekend.

1PNightmare: cd... dude I'm mugging you. But yes yes you were highly entertaining. Dude... novacon... room party part deux.

Ari-chan: thanks for the random otaku sticker. I no longer have a soul.

Buny turned Wolfie: I blame you for my state of altered consciousness on Friday. But hell it was fun getting like that.

damn so many others... I cannot remember. I need to try hard.

10-06-2005, 10:52 PM
ok well here's mine

Nightmare--dude you freakin rock! that and the fact that we had to constantly go get shard out of the hallway! long live the Jager!

Wolfie-Holy Hot Mommas, Batman! Anyone that can style that schoolgirl bit with the attitude of "I'll rip ya a new one if ya piss me off" is just plain cool!

Cy-mad pimps go out to the crazy asian! It was awesome meeting ya!

HentaiGirl082-can't wait to see you again! Hope you do get to go to MTAC!!

and the most important shout out

Ciarathallya-Thanks so much for talking me into going! I had one of the most fun con experiences ever! especially the little mini journey that took us to the ghetto Target and the pr0n shop/l1qu0r store! I hope to be able to go to AWA with ya next year! MTAC will so rock!......bring toobers!

10-13-2005, 03:40 PM
My friend Zack wants to know if there's anyone that can give him any kind of contact information for the Beyond The Grave or the Pip/Kissing fiend/Mr. Vernadead.

And my props out to that awesome Meier! <33 Call me. XD

10-13-2005, 05:11 PM
hehe! here's meh shout out!

Sasuke2o-My posts aren't dumb! and you smell. REALLY BAD!!! lol

10-29-2005, 10:46 AM
>____> ooookay....well, you usually shout out to people you met at the convention....

11-17-2005, 07:08 AM
Heh, I know it's been about a month and a half since the Con, but my home computer has been all virusy-doom in that time span, and I'm just now getting a chance to catch up here >_>;

Just a shout out to all of those whom I reckonized from the Cosplay and AWA forums, and introduced myself too. Randomly conversing with relative strangers is not something I'd typically do (hell, I've only within the past couple years built up enough nerve to ask cosplayers for pictures ^_^; ), but I had to seize the moment to at least say hi to some of those who have made an impression on me during the time I've been on these boards.

Also, a shout out to anyone from the AWA forums that actually showed up to the meet and greet (which was like, what, five of us? >_>; )

11-17-2005, 08:41 PM
Which meet-up? XD (This is SohmaAyame)
I ended up hanging around with Hime no Ryuu, Javits, and LordKhoas for a while... Met up with Ciara-san (Cass!) a little later, found Dark_Master and stalked for a while, Syd is my cousin >.> etc. etc. etc. ^.^


12-09-2005, 11:15 PM
Which meet-up? XD (This is SohmaAyame)
I ended up hanging around with Hime no Ryuu, Javits, and LordKhoas for a while... Met up with Ciara-san (Cass!) a little later, found Dark_Master and stalked for a while, Syd is my cousin >.> etc. etc. etc. ^.^


The meet-and-greet on Friday that there was a thread about on the AWA forum. I think Dark_Master showed up for a little while.

Man, I was hoping I'd run into you and Whimsie at the Con, you two seem like a hoot XD