View Full Version : The Omni-Ninja or Drews Minions; Oni-Con struggle for power!

10-03-2005, 02:55 PM
Love the spirit, love the enthusiasm! Costumes are good, people are cool and I dub you all my Omni-ninja! I suppose I need to elaborate on this a little. For about the time Oni-Con started the head of security and organizer for the website yaddayadda Drew, the almighty and Goddess has clashed with her arch rival, and always will namely me. Pretty much long time runner yaddayadda A-kon/AnimeFest ect, years and years. Many other cons but those two mainly. Well, she has many minions under her and I have ninja. After going into the corp my ninja's seemed to of been swayed to her side, blah, so I ask of you all, be my ninjas? And together we can overcome the minions that are Drew! Join me and we'll take over That conniving evil mistress Drew's territory! Mwahaha..haa..haaahah.. .. ha. .. :thumbsup:

Yes. There now. She will fear us! :skidude2:

:chatah: Disclaimer: WDI - World Domination Inc. Is not responsible for any loss of blood, body parts, or cause of death therefore occurred in the long-running battles against Minion GOD Drew. Insurance does not cover; excessive tickling torture, the cuddly-force of fan girls/fan boys, The extremity of fan funk used in spray-form by the Minion GOD Drew, or any other deviously painful strategies she thinks up of. Insurance plan is void if the applicant is swayed into the darkness that is Drew. Thank you! Now back to our main program. - :drink:

So the question is, are you ready to become part of the Elite force that is known as Omni-Ninja, or the lackey support under what is Drew's Minions. The choice is yours, but just know ^^; :heart:I pay in skittles, and soda.:heart:

- Invoice signed by,
:cool: Riptor Lee Dawnson. :cool:

10-07-2005, 12:18 PM
Skittles?? How about Swedish Fish! :d

Anyways, uuhh Im a ninja....but a Raver Ninja.. Gomen nasi!! *bow*
But I can scoop you out and then I *guess* be a recruiter.

10-10-2005, 01:56 AM
- Ninja Poof, ninja drop invoice off to Sakura; ninja vanish! -

:chatah: To Raver Sakura:

:cool: This is an invoice from me, Riptor. What is this in regards to you're wondering? Well after rooting through the hundreds upon hundreds of applications I have decided to approve yours. Therefore from this day forward you are second in command of the Elite force known as the Omni-Ninja! Mwhahha! You must spread the word, and recruit as many ninja for the battle of the ages! The battle that will be the Omni-Ninja, against the dreaded forces of Drew's Minions! Make sure they are trained in omni-ninja ways, and if you can find the febreeze&Sticker Ninjas hire them no matter how many skittles it takes! Above all else just remember death comes only if you're too weak.. or overworked! Mwahhaha!

Okay you can stop typing now. Send the invoice. Whew, tell you what ninja if she hadn't come along we'd of been sunk! Sunk I tell you! We only had 2 applications, and one was from.. you.. because I commanded it! Yes and maybe I should of told her how most my ninja went to the drew minion side since she threw in that damned dental, life insurance, and 410K plans. Yes, its a good thing I'm so smart, Mwahaha! I lov--- are you? typing.....
Are you still typing this?! NO! NO! Stop stupid ninja! Don't send! No stop! BAAAH! ...Crap... ... place out the ad; hiring. u.u; stupid ninja.

- Invoice signed by,
:cool: Riptor Lee Dawnson. :cool:
:japan: and Ninja too!