View Full Version : Where to buy Japanese PS2 system and KH (not Final Mix)?

02-03-2003, 12:46 AM
I'm trying to look in to this, seeing as there isn't much else on my buying list except for the occasional manga, since my interest is dwindling in that area, a graphic tablet, and one of those backlighting boxes. Of course, I know that this list will amount to a pretty penny, but all in all, it's only 4 major pricy items. Although, the ones that I just listed can be purchased in the far future, but I'm not as certain about the subject items. I want to get an estimate of how much I'm gonna have to work and save up this year.

I tried searching on Ebay, but the turnout wasn't all that great. I'm not sure if I'm putting in the right search topics. I also tried the regular search engines, like Google, but not much luck there either. Does anyone know of any specific places that would sell these items?

02-03-2003, 01:45 AM
I was actually looking for one myself when I was thinking about importing GGXX and that way I could play Xenosaga, KoF 2k+, and Region-2 DVDs. I may buy one yet. The last time I saw prices Asian PS2s were about $250 and JP PS2s were $300-350 (Supposedly Asian PS2s play PS2 and PSX games but Region-3 DVDs instead of Region-2, does anyone know more about this?). I'll dig some sites up.

I saw a non-Final Mix version of Kingdom Hearts at nscx.com for $60, I'll look around for more on that as well.