View Full Version : Wanna be in the FF8 Group, but don't feel like reading the big thread?

02-03-2003, 05:58 PM
Well, here we go, I have a list of who's taken, and a list of who is not.

First... Who is taken.
Squall Leonhart ~ Will (Kamui Motoaki)
Rinoa Heartilly ~ Steph (Krystal1314)
Quistis Trepe ~ Bunny (YuffieBunny)
Zell Dincht ~ Mike (Frankencow)
Selphie Tilmitt ~ Shini (Booyaka)
Irvine Kinneas ~ Jenny (Irvy)
Seifer Almasy ~ Oshi
Fuujin ~ Neko Cathy
Raijin ~ Makio Twist
Julia Heartilly ~ Jing
Laguna Loire ~ Ian
Raine Loire ~ Chia Chi (Digikoomi)
Ellone Loire ~ Cait (Lady Ava)
Kiros Seagul ~ Jil (TyJILDown)
Ward Zaback ~ Matt (Wolfwood6)
Cid Kramer ~ Mike (TheRyuujinMike)
Edea ~ Dahlia
Adel ~ Kit (Silly Kitsune)
Ultimecia ~ Jibrille
Xu ~ Nikki (YuffieLeonhart)
Chocobo/Moogle? ~ Leilanihime
Tonberry (?) ~ TonberryTrepie

And now, who is not...
Biggs (or, Elite Soldier)
Wedge (or, G-Soldier)
Nida (or, Male SeeD)
Garden Faculty
Dr. Kadowaki (from Balamb Garden)
General Caraway (Rinoa's father)
Dr. Odine (from Esthar)

And... that's about it unless you wanna get REALLY obscure.

Or... if you wanna take a real challenge and be a GF... that'd kick major ass...
Cacutar, Carbuncle, Diablos, Gilgamesh, Griever, Ifrit, Moomba, Shiva, Siren... Yeah, that's pretty much all the humanesque ones...