View Full Version : Suppi CCS cosplay help

10-20-2005, 09:34 PM
I know I've started another CCS cosplay thread but this time I'm not asking for Sakura's costumes but Suppi's aka Spinal Sun. The overly hyper yet cute kitty? oO

I wanted to get a headstart on a CCS cosplay I wanted to do and drift away from my overly used Naruto costumes and try a mascot one! Bad enough my friend calls me suppi. :thumbsup:

well anyways, on to my question. I have never done a mascot costume before and I've always wanted to. I want to make Suppi's (chibi form) costume in a form of a mascot. Yes fully body costume, heavy headgear and wings. The works. And hopefully be able to wear it to Anime LA

my question is:...

how do I go about starting a mascot costume? how do I make the wings? the head? the ears? oO and how will my vision be when wearing the costume.

heres a few reference photos of suppi:

suppi1 (http://www.glass-heart.com/kero/seasonthree/suppi.jpg)
ignore the needle XD (http://www.aino.com/cels/images/suppi24.jpg)
ignore the ribbon XD (http://www.tsoba.net/ccs/cards2/suppi.jpg)

thank you