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02-04-2003, 02:34 PM

This is Kaori. He's the son of a Demon Lord, and an all around Badass. ^^

He's the absolute main character in Dream Legend's Pretzel Crisis video game.

I hope to debut the costumes in 2004.

~~Tsuki Guujin~~

02-05-2003, 10:31 AM
Whoa. o_o ::hides:: He's scary!

Hmm ... interesting choice for the hair. I do have to say, though, that the lighting in the picture doesn't seem to make much sense ...

The way it looks, you have light coming from above on the hair, yet light coming from below/sides on the cheeks and ears ... while the T shape of the face is flat and unshaded. It may help to create a more interesting picture (not to say that yours isn't already interesting) if you study the face in lighting situation, and put a little bit more detail into the shading.

It also looks somewhat like the expression was pasted onto his face, rather than it being a result of the muscles beneath the skin moving. There should be some tenseness visible, especially around the brow and upper lip.

- Sakaki

02-06-2003, 12:15 AM
Yeah, the shading in that picture was REALLY rushed. I was working on JUST the hair, and....then I added color to his face. XD

I have a full body one of him I need to post. I'll do that by tomorrow. ^^

~~Tsuki, who bitches incessantly about trying to figure out how to get the effect of Kaori's hair just right in 3D~~