View Full Version : Tess! (please don't delete!)

11-20-2005, 01:59 PM
Admin: Please don't delete this thread! (it's cool if you lock it) I left my university ID and license at AUSA with Tess, and her inbox is full.

Tess, I need my ID back from you, and your inbox is full! PM, instant message me, or email me. I completely forgot to get them back from you after the cosplay!


11-20-2005, 04:32 PM
Aw man- I saw you as you left during the awards, but then Tess couldn't find you. wah. I was trying to help by looking around to see if you were on other floors, but I think Tess went back to her room before I left. I dunno if she kept them or left them with con ops, but I'm sure she'll be around soon to help you get them back. Good luck!