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Maximum Maxwell
02-07-2003, 08:13 AM
Hi everyone, just updated the feature site again today adding the following clips in the video clips section.

- Masquerade Parts 3 & 4.
- Sailor Jamboree Solos: Moon & Mercury.


This now brings the total clips available to download to: 21

This will not be the last update, a month ago, I hinted it would be but I may have found time to do one more. In around March. (March 8th or 15th)

For the masquerade, I have gone through the first 32 skits out of... 99 right? So, if your group number was higher than 32 and you want to see your act in an upcoming clip, let me know ASAP thru e-mail at: maxmaxwell@kmaxmedia.com


Maximum Maxwell