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11-25-2005, 10:32 PM
Hey everyone, Midnight here.
My good buddy Anele asked me to draw a quick 'n dirty pattern for the kind of collars on the shirts that Sasuke and Itachi love to wear.
Yes, those ridiculous ones that are way longer than they need to be and somehow manage to defy gravity like so many things in anime do (hair, boobs, etc).

So I sat and picked my brain, trying desperately to recall how I managed to craft a proper Uchiha collar at 3:00am the night before Anime Expo 2005 this summer. I remember pretty much what I did, and drew it out in this silly little diagram, but there may be a few technical details I'm forgetting.

This is pretty much the 4-easy-steps way, for those of you who are not sewing engineers. I hope it helps in some way or another.


11-25-2005, 11:40 PM
If you wanted to line it in white, you'd have to cut another trapezoid out of white fabric, and sew it to the blue one (good sides together) at the top (longer side), then iron the seam flat, then turn it right side out and in half, iron it again, and then put in your interfacing. I find iron-on interfacing really easy to use. If you want super-crazy-stiff use crafter's choice interfacing, but that might be too stiff for this.

To hide the seams at the back where the edges of the trapezoid are sewn together, you could sew it inside out after the interfacing is in, then fold it in half again to make the collar shape.

Ohboy that sounds confusing.... I'm really not good at explaining things! I'll try again...

It's blue and white sewn together with interfacing. Then, open it up flat. Fold it in half so that the white edge is touching the other white edge, and the blue is touching the blue (it'll make a loop). Sew that. Finish the seams (pinking shears, trim, whatever). Iron it flat. Then fold over the white side so that it's on the inside, iron again.

This *should* make a lined collar with an opening at the bottom to sew to the neck hole, if I have my 3d picturing right in my head.

If you wanted to hide the seams on the inside of the shirt so they're not itching you or something, unfold the collar, and sew the blue to the blue, good sides together. Use lots of pins and sew slowly. Trim the seam, snip it nice since it's a curve. Fold the white over, and fold the edge of the white about 1 cm or less (what's that, less than half an inch). Press if you want before turning the white to the inside of the shirt. Then line it up near the seam, and handsew (yes, handsew) with an invisible stitch to the seam allowance (so make sure you didn't cut that too short). This way, the seam allowance fabric will be hidden on the insides and give a clean look to your shirt collar.

11-26-2005, 12:30 AM
Ahhh! Thanks for typing all that out, Eleryth.

That pretty much is the technical part of the diagram I didn't discribe. :thumbsup:

11-26-2005, 06:31 AM
No problem. If it helps, it's worth it. Thanks for making a cool diagram. I'm no good with that sort of thing unless it's pen and paper!