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11-26-2005, 11:17 PM
I was one of the Guests of Honor at Con No Baka this year. I have to say that this was one of the most unorganized conventions that I have ever attended. I admire their goals but they were a little too ambitious. Everything from staffing, panel locations and the schedule was subject to change right up to the last minute. Even smaller fan-run cons are able to overcome these problems. What went wrong?

After attending six conventions, including Anime North 2004/2005, I’ve come to expect varying degrees of professionalism when it comes to dealing with media / guests. Even more so considering our company is run by fans and run independently from sponsors or large corporations. Right from the get-go we knew the experience with this con was going to be bad. They didn’t even have media level passes. It was as-if they were ready to receive no coverage. Maybe that’s why they didn’t advertise very well.

Despite our serious lack of proper clearance and passes we continued to monitor and cover the events. We were hoping to produce six – eight hours of general photography for the Anime Documentary project. The only problem with this approach was the fact that the con schedule changed on an hourly base. Case in point: We were told we were going to have 2 days to present (Saturday and Sunday) and were then pushed to one presentation (Sunday). The end result was mediocre panel that showcased unfinished products and serious lack of sound equipment.

Once the events of the day died we tried once again to get in to the experience, planning coverage of the Anime Dance and the raffle, this all came to a close at about 7 P.M when it was announced that the dealers room would be closed. It was learned shortly after that convention would be closed (much to the dismay of our staff and attendees).

For those of you who thought this was the end of everything you’re dead wrong. No Baka also decided to eject any “complimentary rooms”. Basically most of their staff/guests were kicked out due to rising costs.

Now that everything is over I’m not ashamed to have attended Con No Baka but I certainly now know what to watch our for when booking appearances. I would like to thank everyone who attended our panel. I know you guys didn’t even get to see a finished piece of footage but we did our best.

Here’s looking to Anime North 2006. Anime the Documentary shall have it’s proper debut at some point in the future.

All the best fellow con attendees…

Matt Langdon

Director, Vulpine Media INC

11-27-2005, 01:27 AM
This is Ashley, the crazy one who was running around in their PJs and with a blanket and stuffed animal while babysitting video rooms after midnight at AC Cubed. You soooooooooo have to send me the footage of Con No Baka imploding. You're in Ottawa, right? ^^;

11-27-2005, 12:30 PM
Aye, I agree it was something of an odd con.

I was a Guest of Honour myself, member of the 404's Improv group. I'm now very glad I hadn't tried booking a room through the con and only came for the Saturday.

From my perspective, I didn't expect much from this con. I work with Northern Anime Festival and I know from first hand experience that first run cons either do well in mediocrity, or explode in your face. I kept thinking from the very first I had heard of CnB that they werre being very brave counting on the location of Toronto to bring in the numbers they would need to break even. If it had been a one day event they would have faired incredibly, incredibly better.

I knew something was up when Mark, the leader of the 404's got kicked out of his room at about 5:00. We all just figured it was a matter of needing to cut a few losses, and he was a low level guest or summat. He was ok; he has family in town that he was expecting to visit for dinner anyways.

What I want to say is yes, the con blew up. Yes contracts were broken, and yes it was disorganized. but at the same time, fun was still had. People met up with their friends, I know I had an amazing blast hanging out with the 404's guys for the first time in about 6 months. We all went to dinner and I think Swiss Chalet is a little scared of big Mike ;)

If there is a Con no Baka the second, I don't know if I'd go or not, but I would put serious thought into it. Which is big for me; I only go to AN, and NAF unless I'm a guest or panelist with a bunch of people.

--Tim Moffatt
NAF Organizer
404 Performer

11-27-2005, 01:38 PM
Aww, tim, you guys went to swiss chalet? ;)

And here I was with my harvey's combo paid for by OSAP-Senpai.