View Full Version : Incentives offered to everyone who participated in CnB.

11-29-2005, 04:42 PM

First, we at Northern Anime Festival would like to offer our deepest sympathy with everyone involved and affected by the sudden closure of this past weekend’s Con No Baka. As organizers who have attended Con No Baka we share the mutual feelings of the Staff, Dealers, Artists and Attendees. With this in mind we would like to offer incentives to everyone who has participated including staff/volunteers, panelists, dealers, artists and attendees.

The incentives we will be implementing will be across the board for everyone who participated at Con No Baka, the first incentive will be for those who where there as general attendance, staff, panelist and guest, we will be offering these people a reduction in admission costs of five dollars per person with valid badges, these reductions will be applied to the pre-registration package only, now for those who wish to pre-register for these prices MUST send us their badge with the application or their application will be sent back, this is the only way we can ensure that no one abuses this incentive- valid badges that will be accepted are the Staff, Artist, Attendee weekend badges.

The second incentive we have to offer is for those who have participated in the artist alley. We will be offering a reduction of table booking fees of five dollars and a two dollar reduction from the badge fee calculating a total of seven dollars in savings in booking space in our artist alley. Those applying for this discount must send in their artist alley badge with the application, If there is more then one person managing your table you must send in an additional Con No Baka badge (any) for each extra person to have them included in the discounted admission fee.

Our last incentive we have to offer goes towards the dealers that participated in the Con No Baka dealers room, we will be offering all dealers including returning dealers a five percent reduction in the initial registration packages (Options: REG A & REG B), for some dealers this is an additional discount that has already been offered through the advertising advantage and the returning dealers incentives, we ask all dealers to contact their respective liaison contact to make the appropriate arrangements for these incentives to be applied to their contract, to get in touch with someone in the liaison department please email liaison@northernanime.ca.

If you have any questions about these incentives that we are offering please let our liaison department know at liaison@northernanime.ca

Thank you for time!


Mark W. Hamilton
President / Liaison Director
Northern Anime Festival