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01-11-2006, 02:04 PM
Hey everyone, for those who may of caught my message on the introduction, I am new to cosplay, I am still making up my mind as to who I will end up cosplaying, (as my first time) one of the characters I am strongly considering is Dita from Chobits, I was hoping that someone who has done this character (or is in the process/planning to) can give any feedback. I have been sewing for about 8 years (give or take) so am fairly confident with a sewing machine, and general crafting.

Another concern I have, is "will I be able to pull of this character" a couple pictures which were taken not to long ago:




I currently have the shorter length of hair, whihc is able to be dyed.

01-14-2006, 11:40 AM
Nice boots! ;)

Sure, why not? I haven't done Dita cosplay before (I don't think I could pull it off very well), but I have a pic on a shitajiki that I adore:
The material always reminded me of liquid latex or torn nylon stockings where it starts to come apart.
Do you have a Zima/Jima to go with you?
I always wanted to do the Chii (or is it Freya?) dress in that pic with purple latex sheeting and black cotton velveteen...