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01-12-2006, 09:18 AM
Well it's that time again. Waii! GCAF 2006 is supposed to be bigger and better then last year. Since it was so good last year I don't know how it will improve!

Looking at the website I've seen alot of the new cool events! It makes me so excited.I have some questions though so if anyone knows the answers let me know Eiii!

1. Will there be more Dealers and Artists this year?
2. When will the MASQ be updated with a new form?
3. Will there be any guests this year?
4.How do you enter the Pure Voice thing
5. What is the new mascots names?

I know these are not posted on the website. But some of you guys always seem to know these things. So I guess this will be the question thread.

01-13-2006, 09:53 AM
1. Yes, we have planned two different rooms this year as well.

2. The Masquerade form is in the works at the moment as the department is being remodeled at the moment with a new director.

3. Yes there is 3 guests, 2 returning from last year and 1 new one. There is also a guest that has not been annouced yet from the Guest Relations department yet, so there maybe another one shortly. When all the guests are arranged, we will put all their info on the site.

4. Pure Voice entrance forms will be made available late Feb early March.

5. Hanakimi and Nanakimi

Since it's Jan, the website will be updated more as information from our departments come in. Soon there will be a weekly updated notice on when updates will be made available weekly yay!