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01-16-2006, 11:36 AM

Yeah, I'm doing Bakery Chii for MegaCon. Shaddup. It's cute.

Innyhoo, I have a pattern for the dress, plus ears and wig. (what? only the pattern? you haven't started making it yet?) My real problem is the &#^$@%! details.

Especially that weird headband thinger. How is that done, properly? I can't quite figure that out. Or the collar, either, tho I was thinking of mutilating the collar of an old tux shirt.

I have no idea where to find those little blue shoes, either. I least I dont have to do the spools since her hair is ribboned in this outfit.

What also I really want to do is the basket of free gifts for those who buy a Chiroru pastry!!!! XD Any suggestions? I wanna take a regular basket, you know, and hinge on a lid, and attach little wrapped-up whatevers to that lid, so I can carry my stuff in it safely and still ahve it look properly like it's supposed to. Oh and I'll at least have one free-floating one so I can hold it like she does.

Should I use fabric for the bows on the side of the basket, or try to find ginormous ribbon?

Thank you very much. ^^

01-16-2006, 04:31 PM
Look online for mary janes, I saw shoes similer to hers (but they were black but I don't know if that really be a big of deal, maybe you can color them). For the collar ( i'm making this cost as well, or started to awhile ago) I went to salvation army and bought a cheap white collar shirt and took it off the shirt and add button for that thing that hangs down. Baskets, try Micheals craft stores and I think ribbons would work best for the bow. Sorry if that wasn't much help but this is how I planned mine, or part of it. For the head band, i'm using this pattern from my Home made Gothic and Lolita book, it's not the same but good enough for me. If you want the same, I can't really help you there,sorry.

01-19-2006, 01:43 PM
Thanks. What pattern book is that? If all else fails I can probably tae the basic headband thing you have and modify it, right?