View Full Version : anyone play an instrument? Toronto area? (JRock Battle of the Bands)

01-19-2006, 08:25 PM
hello everyone im new to this forum and i dont really know what im doing. My friends are really into the whole cosplay thing and listen to tons of j-rock. I have grown to like it and it inspired me to learn how to play it. Which brought me along with this idea and here to this very forum today. My friends attend these dances which im dragged along to and also talk about masquerades, where people show off their talents in costume. My plan for this Anime North was to form a band and actually cover a j-rock song, but apparently it would take too much time and effort to actually get it done. Anywho...

My main point-

i would like to start some sort of like a battle of the bands (j-rock style) slash anime dance, where people who play instruments would either play a)in a band or b) solo and cover a song (preferably something anime oriented or can be danced to :P) and perform it in front of an audience. A certain amount of time would be given possibly 10-15 minutes (depending on amout of people participating) Problem was none of my friends who cosplay actually play an instrument. Money raised will also go to charity. I was just wondering how many of you guys out there play an instrument (piano,guitar,bass drums) and are willing to participate in such an event.

I just need to know many of you guys would be interested before i go into further planning. Also if tehre is such an event going on already please enlighten me because im interested:P

01-20-2006, 11:00 AM
funny I overhear some people talking about this idea at school... I think this is an orginial idea... As far as I know there isn't an event like this...I dont know if there are many bands that just play j-rock.... But I some friends of mine that do play a bit they're something like Asian Kung-Fu Generation
I'll see if they are interested

01-20-2006, 10:53 PM
well rock in general i guess then would be ok but i just need a small survey of people who actually play instruments before i go out and plan such an event. people can cosplay and whatnot but instead of a dj bands will be used instead. i figured jrock and stuff would be a good idea but if its easier for people to play something more generic than im fine with that.