View Full Version : Anyone still need a place to stay?

Chibi Shadow
01-19-2006, 10:12 PM
Alright for people who need a place to stay...I am going to go book a room the Ramada Inn which is 2 minutes from the convention hall.


Sorry the link is so long..^_^'

Cost: 80 bucks per night probably 85 after tax

I plan to book Thursday til Sunday...I will be going straight to the hotel after work on Thursday about 3 or so to check in. I am going to pay for it in advanced.

IF you would like to join me, I could use help with paying I work at Burger King so I dont' make much money lol

Info of me: I am over 21, female, a non drinker and non smoker, I do have a cell phone if you want to know where I am at times. Very friendly and easy to get along with. I prefer females but a male or two is ok

Where is the con from the ramada inn?-http://www.mapquest.com/directions/main.adp?go=1&do=nw&rmm=1&mo=ma&un=m&qc=Convention+%26+Meeting+Facilities+%26+Svc&1rc=L1AAA&cl=EN&ct=NA&q=Washington+State+Convention+Center&1si=navt&did=1137727384&rsres=1&1y=US&1ffi=&1l=&1g=&1pl=&1v=ADDRESS&1n=&1pn=&1a=2200+5TH+AVE&1c=SEATTLE&1s=WA&1z=98121-1808&panelbtn=1&2y=US&2ffi=1&2l=lthe9hJqI6w%253d&2g=prdFdU7Js%252b6%252fIOJoR29UAw%253d%253d&2pl=206-694-5000&2v=ADDRESS&2n=&2pn=Wa+State+Convention+%26+Trade&2a=800+Convention+Pl&2c=Seattle&2s=WA&2z=98101

02-02-2006, 03:51 PM
WHOA! $80/5 a night!? fjidid still looking fer roomates? i think i may need some..but i am not official yet..lolx
i am a male, ( sorry -_- ) but i look like girl! lolx! i can wear bust is that make u feel better?