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01-20-2006, 06:47 AM
Hi my name is Christopher Grant.

I'm considering going to Otakon this summer. I was there in 2004 and JUST managed to luck out and find a room to stay in.

Well if I decide to go this summer I may need to share a room with someone again so, putting my name out there now.

I'm 20, male, I go to school in Manhattan, and I'm not nearly as cultured in anime as I wish I were, although I do appreciate certain movies and series.

Anyway, that said, hopefully I can work something out. :)

ADDITIONAL: I know this isn't the most informatory about myself, but I figure that I am looking for people to room with. Either someone that has a room and can share, or people that have a room and are willing to take me in. I am willing to pay a share.

If you're interested in talking a bit, I'd be happy to get you my online/personal [phone, etc] information so that we can talk more seriously about it.

I really hope to get to Otakon this summer! Hopefully there's someone out there that's looking for a roommate! ^^