View Full Version : Anyone for Tales Of The Abyss?

02-05-2006, 04:45 PM
Who else here is planning on a cosplay from one of the new Tales Of game, Tales of the Abyss?

I'm working on an Anise Tatlin cosplay.


I'm just curious as to how many people here have heard or done this cosplay.

05-14-2006, 09:43 AM
I'd LOVE to do a Tales of the Abyss cosplay sometime! That game is one of my all-time favorites!! The thing is I live in NE America... :x

05-14-2006, 10:11 AM
I'm planning to crossplay Luke or Guy. They are awesome. X3

Lady Subaru
01-03-2007, 11:38 AM
I'm planning to cosplay Tear at San Japan this year ^^;... and then next year my friend and I are planning to get a HUGE group together ^^.

01-03-2007, 06:31 PM
I'm cosplaying Tear at Anime Boston this year. We also have Natalia, Dist, Guy, Jade and Legretta-maybe more. I really want us to have a Luke...

We did have an Anise-my younger sister-but she got grounded and she can't go now.