View Full Version : Thank You from the AnimeLA Masq Directors

02-09-2006, 02:59 PM
Andy asked me to post this for him, as he is not a member of Cosplay.com -- Kevin

Big thanks to everybody who entered and presented in the cosplay competition. Without y'all, it wouldn't have been a show.

Big thanks to everybody who volunteered to help with the show. If I had all your names, I'd list them. There were so many little jobs that needed to be done, and they all got done.

Thanks to the half-time entertainment. I didn't get to see you do your thing, sorry.

Big thanks to our presentation judges, Dany Slone, Malcolm Scott and Wayne Kaa and their clerk Dareium Pagani. It was difficult, but you did a great job.

Big thanks to our workmanship judges, Karisu, Anne Morell and Jess Miller. You slogged through a huge amount of costume evaluation, and are to be commended for your fortitude.

Big thanks to Zelda Gilbert for managing contestant check-in and our little judging/green room space. You did an excellent job of dealing with the chaos and the space limitations.

Big thanks to Richard Man and his disturbingly responsible daughter for running the official photography station. I've seen the shots, they're fabu.

Big thanks to Scott Beckstead and his tech crew. You dealt with the problems very gracefully.

Big thanks to Katt Thornton for finishing up the house. How it didn't end up being a Tokyo subway car, I'll never know. It didn't, though.

Mondo thanks to Tadao Tomomatsu. You were a great MC, and I've lost track of everything else you did, but getting the house organized and getting our table sorted out were a big deal too.

And, of course, one can't forget Chaz Boston-Baden. Thanks for being crazy enough to start an animé con in January with the help of a bunch of other science fiction fans.

(and big thanks to my partner in crime for doing the difficult work of run order and paperwork management...) Blush... that would be me :wave: