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02-16-2003, 10:14 PM
I found some pics of a guy dressed as Kuja and I told my friend about them but I can't find them again, it was a GUY and he made a pretty good Kuja, if anyone could help me find the pics I'd appreciate it.:D
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02-17-2003, 04:45 PM
WOW! I'm amazed someone... a guy! Wow! I saw a girl go as him, and it didn't work that well. If I see any pics of good ole' Kuja(guy), I'll let u know! :p
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02-17-2003, 11:21 PM
My friend Justin wore the Kuja costume he made me back in '01.. (photos of me in it are in my gallery) I'm sure photos are somewhere. x.X

There's been other guys as Kuja, too. ^^; It's just not very often because of the whole um, outfit issue.

02-18-2003, 07:38 AM
ei thats nice!!!!! im planning to cosplay kuja after im done with tidus' and squall's costumes. hehehehehe... :bouncer:

02-20-2003, 09:01 AM
Haha! Yes, that picture you gave was from Ohayocon this year. I saw that guy there, and he's my HERO. I'd NEVER have the guts to wear Kuja's outfit in public. :D

And I'm still amused that the Kuja cosplayer there is male and the Zidane is female. Not what one would normally expect, hmm?

Of course, I'm STILL waiting to see a full plate-mail Steiner costume, complete with clanking sounds.

02-20-2003, 09:21 AM
If I was extremely skinny I would probably do that costume, cause I totally love the design.. ><

heh i worry about my weight for Kuja but I jump at the chance of cosplaying naga.. XD i dont know how my mind works at most times.