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02-14-2006, 06:29 AM
Hey I was looking to get in touch with everyone in the Final Fantasy 8 group i joined... Ichi messaged me last night and it sounds like a great plan ^_^ you need Zell, then im your overly annoying spikey blonde haired man ^_^

so far i have the normal outfit, check my pics, i need to get a wig styled for him, as well as Finish my SeeD uniform for the Ball... im also coming as Naota but im only gonna wear his cosplay around friday night... and maybe a lil sunday... but sat is Zell all the way... and since my anime club is comin to AWA ill be rooming with then and Kaishu can do my tattoo again, he did a feaking great job on the one in that picture.

so basically I made this topic to see who is who and whether or not any of ya have a SeeD uniform/formal outfit to wear as your character ^_^ cuz no one in my anime club is wearing anything formal, ergo no getting into the ball... heh and I hate going by myself ';..;'

*thinks to self I should really take a pic of me looking normal and put it as my avatar*